Day #66, no kittens yet!

Jossan is huge! She did quite a performance on Wednesday morning and we thought she would give a birth, so Jelena stayed and worked from home that day. But – no. Yesterday evening she was so tired, that she was just dragging her heavy tummy over the floor, she could not walk as usual. Jelena fed her with egg yolk and cat milk while she was lying on the sofa. A fast setup with an old newspaper was made so that nothing would be spilt:





Jossan’s most favorite place right now is the doormat, where she blocks the exit. She really wants us to stay at home. She is maybe waiting for the weekend to give a birth. Can pregnant animals delay the birth at all? I guess they can, a bit.

Our cats know when it is time for weekend. Leroy can even count days (he is okay when we leave him somewhere, cat hostel or a friend for 7 days, on day #8 he starts crying and crying. That is because our vacations without cats usually take a week, so he has learnt that after a week we always come and take him and the others back to their home).

Here is Jossan, blocking the entrance door:

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