9 weeks

We’ve spent most of our time lately with Archimedes that got a reaction to their first vaccine. He seems to be on his way up, after a lot of help from us and some extra saline injections from the veterinaries. We did not have time to take the kittens’ individual pictures, all we do is attempting to stabilize and improve his condition.

He has no more higher temperature, his weight has stabilized and he started eating a bit himself. He is still more tired than the others, which is understandable, and we still feed him extra by hand.

Here is he in the middle, this evening, with his siblings. It was too dark to take a better picture with my poor camera. We are so happy he can be with his siblingsĀ all the time now. When he was feeling the worst, he went away from them and sat in one corner (more correctly – our Time Capsule, it is so warm and nice for a sick kitten). But we would always put him in his special bed and cover him with a small blanket so he would not lose too much energy on keeping his body temperature up. Poor baby, we hope he will get well soon.

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