Alessandro in Malmö

Our beautiful blue boy Alessandro has moved to Malmö. We prepared him for Skåne by teaching him to meow using only diphthongs.

His matte Ellinor came to Stockholm by plane and took him to Malmö also by plane, where everyone enjoyed listening to those diphthongs we taught him.

Alessandro’s new cat-friend is Skeletor, a neutered mixed breed guy, with a very special look and behavior.

Alessandro meets Skeletor

Alessandro did not appreciate Skeletor from the very first moment they met, but he liked his human a lot; he spat and yelled at poor Skeletor upon his arrival, but he spent the first night purring and hugging his human around her neck; as she put it – her little ‘spitting cobra/purring boa’ (‘spottkobra/kurrande pälsboa’). 🙂

The next day went much better for Alessandro’s inter-cat relations, and Skeletor and the little one seem to have a great time together. Watch and melt!

Many hugs to little Alessandro and Skeletor! Thank you, Ellinor, for taking such a good care of Alessandro and for sending us photos and the video!

(Cooming soon – Antoine in Luleå!)

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