32 days to go

Jossan’s tummy is getting bigger. The ultrasound showed 5-6 babies, but it is hard to see exactly how many there are. They were so cute! Little kittens, moving a bit. One looked like he was waving to us with his small paws!

"I am starting to look fat and it is your fault, matte!"

4 comments on “32 days to go

    • Jossan says ‘thank you!’. 🙂
      She is so pretty when she is pregnant. She is always beautiful and quite aware of that. 🙂 Little Queen.

  1. So thats what Ash is going to look like if we overfeed him 😀 Jossan is so cute, but she looks a bit mortified 😉

    • Yes, Ash looks a lot like Jossan. 🙂

      Jossan is a bit hormonal and she was in one of her nagging modes when I took the picture. She is always nice to us, humans, but she can come to the other cats, be very sweet, purr and push them gently with her head, demanding to be licked or groomed just to start nagging and complaining a second later.

      Sometimes she even lifts and shows them the paw and then meaws out something like: “Maumau blahblahblah maumau”. And then she wants to be licked again. It is so funny to watch them. Other cats just sit patiently, although a bit confused every time. 🙂 Hormones!

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