Last Sunday in November

Less than a month is left to Christmas! We started putting the decorations; so far the new curtains are up and yesterday we put the stars in the windows.

Our little helpers in action:

A black smoke bun, someone?

I have no clue how Maven manages to fit in such small boxes and baskets!

Albert, giving a helping paw as always:

My humans have no sense of composition!

Our cats adore the blankets we use during the winter; they are soft and cosy.

The Siamese pile

4 comments on “Last Sunday in November

  1. What beautiful photos again !! I love that star of yours in the window – how DO you get a light into it ?? Albert is so funny helping like that !! lol! ! Really I do NOT know which photo I like most !! That Siamese Pile is funny though !! With that little pink ear … ah … so sweet !!

  2. Thank you

    I love the stars (and so do the cats!) We did not buy ours in Ikea, but there are similar ones there:
    There is a plastic support piece that goes inside the star and holds the light bulb. We put the start together and closed it by tying a rope that is so small that is barely visible. We leave them on during the night.

    Soon we will be putting the rest of the Christmas decorations, you can imagine the excitement in the cat group! 🙂

  3. Have bought my star from Ikea …. and put it up finally! Poor Saffy can’t reach it though !! [she is more interested in ‘killing’ my tree !!!] WE have a long lead and extension lead too from the star – but it does look beautiful !!!

    • That is wonderful! We have a same recipe for successful holidays – large stars in windows and a nosy Siamese (or four, in our case! But it is Albert that is really bad, the others are behaving)… 😀

      BTW, I was so relieved when I came home from work today and the tree was not on the floor…

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