Winter in April

Yesterday we woke up surprised with 15 cm of snow outside! It was snowing and snowing. Today almost all of it melted. The spring is fighting its way to Stockholm, but this winter is not giving up easily!

Albert is better. I gave him the last dose of his medication last night and he does not seem to be in pain at all anymore. He is lively and a active as usual. He is not swollen in the chest area, and the bruising is gone. The bone is still protruding, but it feels a bit less. He is okay with me examining him and even pressing the bone slightly, but he does not like to be lifted (he was never crazy about it, but now it is even less okay than before). But he is jumping everywhere and does not sleep as much as when he was in pain.

We will go to Buba in a week or two and see what can be done, and if anything should be done at all. If he does not have pain, behaves as usual, can do everything as before, and runs no higher risk of another injury, we will probably not have him operated. That is how we reason now. We will see.

Here is Albert taking a nap next to his aunt Miii.

Albert and Miii taking a nap

A few meters from them, Jossan and Leroy are resting.

Leroy and Jossan. New summer curtains and a winter landscape in the background.

Does Jossan look a bit chubby to you?

Jossan, 35 days to go, getting a bit rounder

She is not chubby! She is pregnant and slowly gaining some weight. šŸ™‚ We expect kittens around May 19, and the dad is the same as to A and B litters; it is Albert’s and his siblings’ dad Goofy. Everything is going well so far. Jossan is fine and in spite of Albert being in total center of attention last week, she still got a lot of love and time alone with me. All cats have their special places and time with us, no one gets neglected.

Last year I took a week off when Jossan got kittens, this year Jocke planned one week vacation in the second half of May, to help Jossan at start and be there all the time with her and the small ones. I’ll of course also be with her for the delivery.

2 comments on “Winter in April

  1. I just re-read this post !!! And read it properly !! Oh Jossan is having MORE babies !! That is lovely news !!! Who is the daddy this time?? She must be very big by now!! Cuddles from me in Portugal for Jossan !! XXXX

    • Thank you! She is big, but not as big as the first time, I think. I guess that she might have 4-6 kittens. Two weeks to go!

      It is Goofy who is the dad, Albert’s and other kittens’ dad. Jossan does not accept other male cats we wanted her to date. Also, the kittens they got have a good temper and pretty good health, so it must be a good combination! She must know why she likes Goofy! šŸ™‚

      From the breeding point of view, it is also okay, since only Blanche will go further in breeding and two daughters to Albert (one in Sweden, one in Norway). That is very little after one combination. All of the Jossan’ s kittens were sold as pets, not breeding cats (Blanche is also primarily a pet, and a spoiled one šŸ™‚ ).

      Jossan is feeling great, and we hope for a good delivery and healthy kittens.

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