Jossan, two weeks to go

Jossan is pregnant, and it is about two weeks left to the delivery. She is feeling well.

Jossan, two weeks to go, resting

Jossan started hitting Albert on the head with her paw now and then (very seldom though, like 1-2 times a day) lately, without him doing anything wrong. He is so careful and really tries not to make her upset, but somehow he manages, just by being there and doing nothing. It is not a big deal, 99,99% of the time they lie together and cuddle, but still – it is puzzling. We think that Jossan is being hormonal and also – Albert is her big baby and she thinks that he really should move out, because her new small babies are coming soon.

Well, sorry Jossan – Albert is not moving anywhere! He is our baby, too.

Jossan, two weeks to go, sleeping

We think that she will deliver 4-6 kittens. Maybe 5, sometimes she looks asymmetrical.

Jossa, two weeks to go, from above

Jossan, 2 weeks to go, on the balcony

3 comments on “Jossan, two weeks to go

  1. Beautiful mummy-to-be !! I can’t wait to see the new babies either – Jossan certainly makes such lovely ones !!

  2. Thank you! We hope all will go well.
    Jossan also seems less nervous than before when she was about to have kittens. This year Jocke took a week of vacation to be all the time with her and the kittens during their first week, but we both will be there for the delivery.

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