Bad Claire!

All the kittens from the C-litter have moved to their new homes some time ago and they are very happy and loved there. We kept Claire. She looks like Albert, since they are siblings and she is also white, but they are not that similar in temper. We are not sure yet how she will be when she grows up, personality wise.

Play, play, play!

Claire is a bit like Leroy in her attitude; “I am above you all and I am no one’s cat”. But she is also cute and affectionate and is purring when we cuddle with her. She sleeps next to us when we sit in the living room, on the pile together with the big cats. Albert and Leroy are the ones who take care of her (Albert) and discipline her (Leroy). But, also her aunt Miii helps a lot with the disciplining part.

Claire has a lovely profile; she looks a lot like Jossan. Notice how Miii is trying to became one with the background. πŸ™‚

Jossan seems to be relieved that the kittens have moved out and does not care much about good upbringing of her white daughter. Well, she deserves rest and all the help she can get, she is such a good mom and had a lot to do this summer. Now she is back to being my cat and is very cuddly and affectionate.

Jocke took some pictures of the disciplining session earlier today; Miii and Claire, this is how it was. πŸ™‚

That naughty look again!

Miii: “Mau mau! Bad Claire! Show some respect for the big cats!” Β Claire: “Mau, mau! Never!”


8 comments on “Bad Claire!

  1. Aww, Claire is gorgeous! What a striking profile! She sounds as if she’s Caspers double, (personality wise). He’s a little scallywag! Full of mischief! πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. He he, thank you, she is really cool. Mischievous and sweet. I do not think we saw a cat with this much integrity since Leroy walked into our lives. And Leroy is very special. He is the King.
    Albert is still my baby, more than others, but Claire is not much like him – while he always was one person’s cat, Claire is everyone’s and no one’s. It will be interesting to see how she develops.

  3. MY goodness she is so big now !! And so beautiful too of course!! I think CUTE Claire would be better. Or Cheeky Claire!

    How is Albert now? Has he healed well after his operation ??

    So nice to see the kitties again after so many weeks – I thought perhaps I had lost contact with you as I had once before, but seems you have just been busy.

    Love to all XX

    • He he, she is cute and cheeky, but I am pretty sure that Miii told her “Bad, bad Claire”. That is definitely how it sounded. πŸ™‚

      We’ve been very busy, at first finding good homes for the kittens and then there was a lot at my work. But now it seems I can find some calm again.

      Albert was not happy with me when the kittens moved out. If you ask Albert, we should have 200 cats and he would love them all and take care of them all… he forgave us, but he was unhappy for some time, especially after Casper moved out and only Claire was left. He loves Claire, he really takes care of her and plays with her. Suddenly he is not the smallest anymore and he takes his duty as older brother seriously (I am not sure though that he understand they are siblings; he seems to think that he is a mom #2 to all the kittens… something like that. Or – a mom #3 – I am mom #1, then comes Jossan as #2 and then Albert as #3. Hm.Cats are interesting creatures).

      He healed great, his fur did not grow back yet on the little tummy, but he seems to feel no discomfort at all. πŸ™‚

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