Merry Christmas!


The cats, Joakim and I wish you a merry Christmas! I like to draw/make my own Christmas cards, and this one is a combination of the one I drew in real life, and then fixed it a bit in Gimp. I am not that good with image editing and photoshopping, but I am happy with the result.

This one is unedited. Look, our little White Squirrel is back! Albert is having fun in the Christmas tree. Every morning the branches are bending towards the floor, and some of the ornaments are missing. The fluffy ones (look at that heart! It is from Ikea :)) can be found here and there in the house, often in our bed. Presents! 🙂


The return of The White Squirrel

6 comments on “Merry Christmas!

  1. OH you have to watch those white squirrels !! lol!!! My poor Saffy has to stay in the kitchen or in the garden – she is happy – OR ….. she stays asleep in front of the fire in the lounge but guarded !!! lol!!! Or she makes STRAIGHT up the middle of the tree ..all 2.5 metres of it… with very old heirloom decorations !! eeeek !!!!

    • Saffy and Albert are a special kind of squirrelly cats! 🙂 Our other cats (except for Maven that has an occasional excursion through the branches) do not climb the tree.
      We have only plastic and soft fluffy decorations, all of the old glass decorations that we had before we got cats are packed and safe in one box in the cellar. But it is ok, I broke a few of those old ones myself, I cannot blame it all on cats. 😉

  2. Jag vill passa på att tacka för det underbara julkortet, så himla fint! Jag blev jätteglad när vi fick det! Och Sung blev äntligen bra i tassen ung. 3 dagar innan jul – bra timing! 🙂

    Ha det fint! 🙂
    Kram Ellinor

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