The True Jungle King (or Mr Sung if you prefer)

We got a few pictures of Sung (Alessandro), Albert’s blue brother from the A-litter who lives in Malmö with his humans and Skeletor. He and his furry friend spend the days in the sun on their balcony.


Skeletor and Sung, May 2013

And look how stylish he is. Who is tougher? Mr Phantom or Mr Sung? The answer is kind of obvious if you only count how many little skulls each of them wears.


Mr Phantom

plenty of skulls

Mr Sung


The True Jungle King


4 comments on “The True Jungle King (or Mr Sung if you prefer)

  1. He is very cute, and he had the deepest blue eyes since he was a kitten. He is almost 3 years old soon, like Albert, beloved little ones. :*

    • We are very happy Sung and you found each other, and he has such a good home!
      And I am glad every time I get his pictures, it warms my heart. 🙂 Many hugs, Jelena and Jocke

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