13 comments on “Swedish summer

  1. What a beautiful photo !!! Typical though .. you give them the choice of several places .. and they all sleep together !! Unfortunately our Saffy doesn’t like Dax the long haired black and white coming close … she hisses at him and growls like distant thunder !!! I thought by now they would have been friends .. but no, they sleep apart !

    Nice to see you all again … I hope you are having a good summer. Ours …is one long heatwave .. around 38-40ΒΊ and a lot of humidity which is horrible, and unusual !

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ We have many windows, and I remember I was searching for a long time when we moved in to find the curtains and blinds to suit the house. Joakim also had an opinion or two. πŸ™‚
      And then I changed them from time to time, had few different sets, but now I just wash them regularly. I like this combination the best. There are 12 curtains in the living and the dining room (they are connected). πŸ™‚

      • I have a lot of windows here too (Not 12 though !!) .. but we have moved since we last spoke !! πŸ˜‰ I just had some people in to the house today to measure up to make some .. and give me a price .. as I can’t see anything I like ‘off the shelf’ … I just hope they won’t be too expensive !

  2. Here it is rainy and not so summery, but not too cold either 18-20Β° max day temperature… well, a typical Swedish summer! := We had two or three sunny warm days … I still hope for more!
    I wish we could borrow 5-7Β° of your temperature, it would be warmer for us, and cooler for you, better for everyone!
    Sometimes it takes a lot of time for cats to accept each other, patience and love helps. But sometimes they do not accept each other, no matter how much you wish for it, and love them both. I hope Saffy accepts Dax! She is still a young cat, there is time. Hugs

  3. Saffy was 5 this year, Dax is a little older but he was the late comer ! They are better with each other .. but don’t cuddle! The do chase sometimes .. and they do have a little fun ..so yes, I do hope they make friends one day ! One funny thing is … that when one cat is drinking from the running tap .. (you know how cats LOVE to do that !) .. the other one sometimes jumps up on the sink too .. and waits patiently just centimetres away .. and they don’t hiss or anything ! Cats! So beautiful and so weird !

    • They know why! We don’t, not always. πŸ™‚
      Ours have their little rituals also, it is amazing to watch the whole cat group and their relations. I think animals complete our lives in the most wonderful ways.

  4. Dear Jelena, just back from holiday. Your cats look like they have a lovely time. So have siamese Morris and Billy have had and are having in the summerhouse. On May 29 we had to say farewell to beautiful lovely Mimmi at the age of 17. Terrible for all of us but mostly for Morris who was is big shock for about 7 weeks. I was planning for a serious diet for him this summer , but he loost about 2 kg just since then, also he has just wanted to be around us (me). No mice haunting, very little birdwatching, not allowing Billy to be close at all. Now suddenly he is back to his regular rutins. Had to pick him down from a neibours big apple tree the other day. Interesting anyway, and not at all surprising, how strong feelings they share for each other.

    • I am sorry for your loss. 😦 And poor Morris, but good that he is recovering. They have strong feelings for each other, those small babies. ❀
      We were lucky enough not to lose a pride member yet (the kittens moved out, but that went fine, it was a sort of an expected thing, it seemed, and for the ones who stayed it was okay to stay, too).

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