Jossan’s results

We have already received the results from the pathologist. To sum it up – it is the least bad kind of bad news.

Jossan has cancer, as we expected, and we seem to have detected it early, as we hoped. It is also not a very aggressive tumor (at this point), and is of type that gives the best prognoses. It also did not seem to have spread to the surrounding lymph nodes.

In about 5 weeks she will undergo another operation where her other chain of mammary glands will be removed. After that we will check her regularly and hope for the best. If we detect another lump somewhere, we’ll take it from there. The aim and hope is that all the bad cells will be removed and that she will live a long and healthy life after that. ❤

I have attached the report if one is interested (click to enlarge).

Report after the first operation

Report from the first operation

More to read about mammary gland cancer can be found here:
and here (breast cancer):

Mammary glands cancer in cats has similarities to breast cancer in humans. I did not understand all I read in the report at first, but I have looked it up, understood it all, and got a bit relieved. Talked to the veterinary later, she confirmed what I already interpreted from the report. She also told me that it is almost never this good bad report they get back from the pathologist, usually the tumours are faster dividing and the grade is higher. They progress fast, it is easy to miss them, and they are detected later that one could hope for.

We will take care of our dear girl, and hope she will get cancer-free soon! Today I found another lump on her other side that will be operated in December. Mammary gland cancer tends to be bilateral in cats. I am very nervous, but I cannot rush anything. They cannot operate two sides at a same time, and also, after the first operation, she has to heal and the skin should not bee too stretched so it could burst after the next operation.

Jossan and Leroy

Jossan (closer) and Leroy (farther). Yes, she is similar to her dad in her looks, only slender and feminine 🙂

I have many mixed emotions, and sometimes I cry, sometimes I am optimistic, all in all I am pretty shaky. But above all I am happy that I have her and that she is recovering well from the first operation.

5 comments on “Jossan’s results

  1. {{{{HUGS}}}} for you Jelena and your hubby, and to Jossan too. I am glad she is doing well after her surgery ~ but sad that it most definitely WAS cancer. I hope and pray that when she has the next surgery .. she will go on to be fit and healthy and cuddly again. Sending her reiki and love and prayers … and some for you too … because this is hard on us that have fur babies !! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Thank you so much! I knew it would be cancer. It is bad, but still, not that bad. I am nervous about the second operation, to have it performed in time. We will see how that goes and what the pathologist will say then.
    My dad had prostate cancer 11 years ago. It was discovered in time and operated, and he has been well and cancer free since then. ❤ It is good when the doctors can take away all the bad cells only with surgery (dad received no chemo, hormonal therapy or radiation, there was no need for that). I hope for that for Jossan too.

  3. I’m glad she’s getting stronger after her first operation and will be in form for the second. The news isn’t great, but what you do have is hope – surgery is being given and then the vet will take it from there. In the meantime, just love her all the more and make the most of her in every way, as you would anyway with or without the illness, I’m sure. It’s when these precious beings go for a ‘routine’ problem to the vet’s and just never come back home that you feel that the love has been snatched from your life and you had never even seen it coming.
    You have time and hope and….your lovely cat right there with you so take strength and comfort from that and give her a big, furry cuddle.

  4. Thank you! ❤ Jossan is getting better every day and she is healing well. She is actually almost as well as before, just a bit thinner and shaved on her belly.

    She will have the next surgery on December 15… they will remove the other chain of her mammary glands then.

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