In November?

Life is full of surprises. We were focused on my darling Jossan and did not expect much from our (slow to become an adult, an eternal junior πŸ™‚ ) boy Funtes.


Funtes, summer 2016

Yes, both Electra and Claire were in heat (with 2 weeks apart, Electra first) and they both were given privacy with Funtes, but we did not notice a single mating. Well, maybe he prefers to date while his humans are at work.


Electra, October 2016

Electra, Jossan’s daughter from her last litter, seems to be pregnant. I do not know for sure if it is a phantom pregnancy or a real one, but she should be about 5 weeks pregnant now, and went up about 350-400gr, so this could be for real! In that case, we will expect kittens between Funtes and Electra in the middle of November!

Jossan is perfectly well now on the outside, I am spoiling her to bits. Breakfast in bed and all she wants. She is tolerating her Metacam well, no side effects. I hope it works and that she will be around for many years to come.

We checked Leroy, Albert and Maven’s blood values recently. They also passed their yearly physical exam. They are well, and have no signs of arthritis or kidney failure or something bad. Good! Here are Leroy’s blood chemistry results, Albert and Maven hade similar values. Leroy is ground for our breeding, so I am happy that he is going strong, still. He is turning 10 this December.


Miii was tested earlier this summer, also all well, but she is a bit overweight and we are struggling with that.

8 comments on “In November?

  1. Dear Human and Cats of La Voix,
    hope Jossan continues to do well. Glad to hear that all the others are in great health. and fingers crossed that Electra will be having healthy kittens.All the best. Christine

    • Thank you. ❀ I find it hard to believe that we will be having kittens ever again. But we hope for the best. Joakim said – I will believe it when the kittens are lying next to their mom, suckling.

    • Things are going well, thank you, but not as we expected.
      Electra had a fantom pregnancy. 😦 So, no kittens in 2016 either 😦
      But – Jossan is doing great so far. No new symptoms, happy and seemingly healthy, and she tolerates Metacam well. That is amazing, I hope so much it goes on like this for a long, long time. We will meet her oncologist for checkup on December 2nd.
      We hope for continued good condition for Jossan, and finally kittens in 2017! New attempts soon, hopefully more successful.

  2. Yes, that must be a bit disappointing for the kittens, but at least Jossan is doing well. That’s good to hear. xx

    • Thank you. We were very surprised and in shock – she did put up a lot of weight and we went for an ultrasound exam around 45 days into pregnancy, and – nothing! 😦 The veterinary was also disappointed, he knows our cats well. So he checked out Electras kidneys, liver, uterus etc with ul when she already was there. Well, all is well with our little girl, just no kittens yet. Funtes did not mate her, seemingly. :/
      The extra weight is gone now and her hormones are back to normal.

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