Stay safe

We live in Stockholm. You heard maybe on the news that our hometown was under a terrorist attack yesterday. It happened close to where I work, a place I hang around and eat lunch at 3 out of 5 days a week. Not yesterday.

We are safe. It just took us long time to get home yesterday because the police stopped the traffic in the central Stockholm so we were at our offices longer.

Our thoughts go out to all the innocent victims and their families and friends. ❤ Yesterday this happened in Stockholm, every day it happens somewhere else in the world. 😥

Evil people. Evil. But we will not let them make us scared and hurting for long. Because that is what they want. And we will not give it to them.


Life goes on. Peaceful and friendly cats from Stockholm wish you a calm weekend. Stay safe. ❤

The blue, the lilac and the white Siamese – Miii, Jossan and Claire. And an invisible one, hopefully still breathing, Albert, in the 45° warm cave behind.

3 comments on “Stay safe

  1. Hej Jelena,

    Good to hear you’re safe. Carry on, don’t let evil people scare you! There are also many, many good people!!

    Kind regards, Godelieve

  2. Thank you! We were there today again and a lot people come there to pay their respect to the victims and leave flowers, candles and notes with messages. It is hard to pass by and not cry. 😥 Of course everyone cries, it is very sad.
    But it is true, the most of the people in the world are warmhearted and good. ❤

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