We had the coldest summer in Sweden in last 155 years. But we still had some nice and warm sunny days. And even when it is not sunny, the cats are happy to cuddle at home.
Jossan is as always. But I feel her tumour in one of her armpits grew a lot lately. It was the size of a peppercorn in March and now it is like two almonds. That is the one we wanted to operate, but the veterinaries decided against when we found out she already had metastases at lungs.
She does not seem to notice it or mind it at all.
I wonder what is going on in her lungs. If that external tumour grew that much, is the end very near? Anxiety is unavoidable, but I do not welcome it and let it stay. I do not have time for sorrow and anxiety now. As long as she is well and lives her life to the fullest, it is good.
Jossan is still getting her COX-2 inhibitor daily and is pampered to bits, dinner in bed, the candy she wants. She goes out when she wants which is only when it is warm and I am at home. She goes to the entrance door and calls me to let her out. She is just staying at our lot, eats the grass out or lies in the sun. Or chases hares or roe deer!!! She chases only big animals. My funny cat. She has a heart and a soul of a lioness.

Our other cats are well. Albert loves to lie in his cat cave and yesterday he really wanted to eat, but was too lazy to go up. And it is so warm and cosy in his little cave. So of course I served his Saturday breakfast there!


Breakfast in bed, that’s how we roll here  🙂


4 comments on “September

  1. Looks like your cats are living the good live. Love the two sitting side by side on the couch. Jossan and Leroy? I can imaging that watching Jossan’s tumor grow is scary but I very much hope for her and you that she still has some very good life left. She certainly looks gorgeous in pictures. Liat- my siamese has a strong urge to lie in aces as well (maybe I could get her a cocoon as well- right now she has to make to with linen shopping bags). Wishing you and the siamese gang a good autumn with maybe some more warm days.

    • Thank you! 🙂
      Yes, it is Leroy and Jossan sitting in the background on the couch. ❤
      I am sure Liat would like a small fluffy cave! All of our Siamese are crazy about them. Maven does not care about them at all. She gets too warm in them.

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