Lust for life

We got a lot of snow a week ago in Stockholm, but it got warmer again and all of it melted. The cats saw the greenish grass outside again and wanted to go out. But it is cold!! Today  it is 2°C and Leroy draws his leave-the-house-limit at 17°C.

But Jossan has a will of steel, and what Jossan wants, she gets from me. Breakfast in bed, any door opened even when I know it is freezing cold and the cats should not and do not want to go out. I opened the door for her and she took a quick walk around the house and pretended it is not THAT cold while she slowly walked back into the house.

She lost some weight what is not unexpected, but she is not underweight. She weighs as much she did before her first pregnancy. I give her a lot of good fat and protein rich food to slow down cancer (cancer likes carbs).

I am worrying about her and cannot sleep at night sometimes when dark thoughts get me and I get scared that it all will go fast, maybe if I am at work or travelling. But she is still well. I will know when it’s time.


2 comments on “Lust for life

  1. I feel like that even though (‘touch wood’) my two hairies are in good shape. My big male had to have an ultrasound of his heart during the summer, and while the result was fine, I couldn’t hold in the tears during the procedure when I had to hold him still. As I told the vet, it’s probably unwise to love these beings as much as we do, but it’s beyond us! Glad Jossan is still herself, and enjoying life. xx

    • Thank you. I know, we love them so much! It is a blessing to be able to love so much. And they love us back unconditionally. ❤
      I felt the same with heart scannings, especially after losing LillMupp to a heart condition two years ago. 😥 I still cannot talk about him. 😥
      But all hearts here are well, thankfully. Still, such an emotional rollercoaster every health checkup.

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