Happy New 2018

Our 2017 was filled both with wonderful and with tragic events.
But things will always come our way. We take it as it comes and try and work hard to make every day a little bit better. ❤
In 2017 I lost my love Jossan. But she and I together had a good year, the best ever until the end. I loved her and pampered her to the moon and back. ❤
We and the kitties spent a lot of good days together, in our cosy house, in the garden in the summer and in front if the fire in the winter.


A Siamese pile in front of the fire

Leroy and Albert travelled with me many times to cat shows and got admired and appraised a lot. Many Best In Shows for one 7,5 and a 11 year old Siamese. We take pride in our cats that are so beautiful and well cared for that even in not the youngest age do so well.

Albert came in top three best cats in Swedish cat association Sverak (member of FIFe) as senior category IV. That is huge. And he is the first Foreign White in Sweden to achieve that.


Albert winning one of his Best In Show in 2017

Leroy took the highest title a cat can get in Fife, Supreme Premier. And – he got it 11 years old!!!


Leroy winning Supreme Premier title in Norway 2017

Unfortunately many Siamese are not even alive at that age. I as a breeder when I study future potential combinations want the healthiest long lived lines behind the new kittens.
Maybe we will have kittens next year. It would be nice, when we are less grieving and our ladies Electra or Claire are willing to go in heat. Right now the pain is too strong to only look forward. And that is okay. We are made of all kinds of feelings.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best in the coming 2018!

5 comments on “Happy New 2018

  1. How has 2018 been for you and the cats so far? Miss your posts and lovely photos…
    Our furry family has been extended with the arrival of a big rescue rabbit….Not quite sure what the cats think, but they tend to ignore her! x

    • Lovely with a new furry family member! 🙂
      The cats are all well, and I miss Jossan a lot. I have my other soul mate Albert close to me always. But I did lose a piece of me with her departure.
      I have updated our FB page now and then, thought to update a blog some also.

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