Maven on the balcony

Maven is the most tired cat in the world in the mornings. We call her “our teenager”. She stays at bed until about 11AM- 1PM and then she lazily walks to the living room and asks for breakfast!

She is 12 years and a few months old and still in perfect shape and great health. ❤

Here she is stretching after her breakfast, playing on the balcony.


5 comments on “Maven on the balcony

  1. She looks very mischievous! My ‘teenager’ of eight years old tries the other tactic – desperate to find ways to wake me up in the early morning!
    Nothing can ‘replace’ or make up for the loss of a loved one, but these other naughty beasts certainly do their best to distract us from our sadness. The love we feel for our furry companions is unique,and some of these bonds are so close they are just incomparable. xx

    • ❤ thank you. It is true, all love is unique. I Iost my best friend, but I have my other furry friends I love so much. We who have animals to share our lives with are blessed. ❤

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