Until we meet again, my Miii

Today I have lost a very close friend, my faithful, loving, sweet friend, a close soul, Jossan’s sister, Miii.

She was healthy, active and happy until the end. Last veterinary check was this autumn, all the results were good. She died suddenly from what veterinary suspects was a blood clot, or a heart attack. Probably a blood clot in brain. She fell asleep peacefully, the veterinary says she did not seem to suffer from how she looked.
I am broken. She always followed me outside in our garden, sat behind me on my chair or in my lap at home, talked a lot and cuddled. She turned 11 years in December 2018.

Now she is with my beloved Jossan, and their mother and brother.
Until we meet, my friend, I will miss you and cherish our memories.
Always in my heart.

So much love, and then they are gone. They live so short and leave deep holes behind. Sad beyond words. Cannot stop crying.

14 comments on “Until we meet again, my Miii

  1. Dear Jelena,

    What unexpected and devastating news! You must be so sad, losing such a close soul and beloved friend…

    Try to remember the good times and the bond you had together, cherish the memories. She’ll be forever in your heart…

    Hugs xxx


    • Thank you ❀ I am very sad. I was looking forward to the spring, us in the garden again, she loved it so much. The day before she died she was twice to the balcony, checking the weather. She had a very thick fur for a Siamese, old English lines, did not freeze easily… I miss her so much 😭😭😭

  2. I am so very sorry about your loss. I liked reading about all your cats and they are all beautiful but I took a special liking to your Mii- I so liked her coloring. I know she will always be remembered by you.

      • You will probably think of her every time you will walk your garden. By the looks of it her fur must have been very velvety. It must have been such a shock for you as her death was so unexpected. It sounds like is was thankfully painless for her but probably also so scary for you but she saved you from the agony of having to make a difficult decision (it’s not always so black and white ). Either way it sucks. We will have to make that decision for one of our cats soon. Our oldest cat will be 21 years old – which is very proud age but for us it still will be too short (it is always to short)

        • She was so velvety and cuddly and talkative ❀ It will take some time.
          It is true, we've been through making difficult decisions and that is very hard.
          21 years old – a very respectable age ❀ but no age will ever be enough ❀ Hugs.

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