My angel Albert is gone and I feel broken and paralyzed with grief. He was the gentlest soul, my baby, my soulmate. We spent almost 10 years together. He was born in my lap, in Jossans first litter. He loved unconditionally and completely and I loved him with my whole heart.

I did not think this day would ever come, although his health was fragile lately.

He was well, but fragile, eating immunosuppressive medicines for an inflammation in nose and lungs the specialists never found a cause for. But the medicines helped. We went to regular controls and the next one was scheduled for this Monday.

Still, little was needed to disrupt that and he got very Ill overnight, supposedly an infection in his nose and troath, that got so swollen that he had trouble breathing. He got into intensive care directly, but they could not stabilise him and he was suffering so we had to let him go.

Heartbroken. In less than a year we lost Miii and Electra and now Albert. Miii and Electra totally unexpectedly, and Albert was fragile, but we thought he would be with us longer.
Heartbroken. A piece of me has died yesterday.

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