June 2017

You never know who will leave first. All we have are assumptions and hopes for long life and health.
Our all cats here at home in Stockholm are well and alive, but some of dear people lost their beloved cats recently and I am very sad for them. But I was also happy to know how those cats were very much loved and had beautiful lives. ❤ We are thinking of you my dear ones ❤
Sorrow and grief are dark companions, and they are with us after loss because we loved someone dearly, making everything dark, but there is also so much love and beauty in the world, too. ❤


Behind the curtain – Jossan (in the princess bed) and Leroy (on the sheep) in the west window.

My love Jossan shows no symptoms of being ill at all. I give her her cancer slowing medicine every evening after food and she licks it like candy.
She has an excellent apetite and is as happy as usual. We had a lot of rain in Stockholm recently, but when it was warm and dry she followed me to our garden.


Jossan in the garden

The cats also go to the balcony sometimes.


Jossan sharpening her claws on the balcony

In two weeks we will have a vacation and spend it here at home with our cats for the most of time. Staycations are good, if we are lucky we will have a fine summer here, do the gardening and relax.

My sunshine Jossan

Jossan resting last afternoon, grooming herself. My love is well and healthy. Happiness! 🙂



Also, if all goes well, she will become a grandmother (Claire & Funtes will have kittens), in about 5 weeks. After 2,5 and more years we may have kittens in our home. 🙂 Fingers crossed!

Show brag

Two weeks ago Antoine (whose pet name now is Tjabo) was exhibited in Umeå. He got two CAC (which is wonderful!) and very high marks from the judges! This is how the judges described the beautiful lilac boy (ex stands for excellent):

TYPE: Very long, strong muscled body ex high on legs. Still a teenager, babyround.

HEAD: ex strong prophile ex.wedge. Nice length of the triangle. Almost straight sidelines. Sharp profile, could have more height om forehead.

EYES: beautiful deep blue. Nice shape and size, ex deep blue colour.

EARS: ex size, medium low set. Very classic earsetting and size.

COAT: ex. clear points, soft silky and close lying. Really fully developed points to for his age. Ex.lilac colour.

TAIL: ex.long, tapering. Could be a bit more tapeurs, a bit thick on base.

CONDITION: super showcondition. Lovely condition, very sweet and gentle.

GENERAL IMPRESSION: Lovely. Young boy who still needs time to develop.

Tjabo as three months old kitten (now he is about four times bigger :))

His proud owner Agneta is very happy, and so are we! 🙂

Congratulations and many thanks to Agneta for showing Tjabo!

Visit to the humans owned by Archimedes and Misty

Three days ago we were so happy to visit Archimedes and Misty and their owners.
Those are two very happy and loved cats. Archimedes, pet name Ash, is so big now, we could not believe our eyes when we saw him! He is almost as big as Jossan and looks a lot like her. From some angles you can see that his head is larger and his proportions are typical for tomcats. Also, he has better shape of ears and a bit rounder eyes than Jossan, but from the pictures I took, if I did not know it was him, I’d think it was his mom!
Misty has the softest fur I have ever felt on a cat (she is a Cornish Rex) and is very mild and loving in nature. Ash is quite active and cute as he’s always been, completely comfortable around people; he is one little purring and playing machine. He greets everyone, as he greeted us, but I also think that he did recognize us. He showed us a lot of love, but at the same time he seemed very happy and content with his humans and Misty.
Look how nice they have it there!

Leroy and the kittens

Grandfather Leroy was curious, excited and a bit scared from the day one, but now when the kittens started crawling around he really likes to jump in the play-pen to lick and watch them.

He even went into the tipi when Jossan left them for a minute and licked the ones who slept there.

We were very cautious with Leroy being around the kittens, since he is male (although neutered), and the small ones took away his Jossan from him, but he is behaving well so far, and we are always close when he is with them.

He was a very good father when Jossan was small and brought her up, so we guess he will be a good grandfather also. Only, when Jossan arrived, she was three months old. These kittens are small and very fragile.

Still, he is very careful around them and when they attack him in huge numbers, he moves to another place.

Teeth brushing

Leroy’s gums are a bit inflamed. He had a mild form of gingivitis before, and is prone to it, but a regular care prevents it. In order to calm the inflammation and help killing the bad bacteria, we put propolis drops in his mouth after we cleaned the teeth cleaning.

Leroy does not like the taste of propolis that much. Now, that was a serious understatement; he does not like it at all. After some drooling and foaming (he looked like he got rabies), Leroy went into the sulking mode and showed us clearly how insulted he was. All the Siamese spent the night out of our bed, in another room! Jossan also got some propolis. Maven and Miii did not; they have never showed any signs of gingivitis so far.

It is hard to brush their teeth with any brush; the smallest we could find in pet stores were too big for their small jaws. We tried brushing with the “finger brush” that is made of micro fiber, but that was too big for Jossan, even for Leroy. Now we use cotton swabs (Q-tips) for massaging their gums and cleaning their teeth and that works fine.

Grooming time


Cats care a lot about their beauty and hygiene. In average they spend at least an hour per day engaged in grooming activities. Here, Leroy is licking Angel clean.

Sometimes the cats lick our hands or faces, too. Their tongues are not really smooth, they feel like sandpaper. We enjoy it anyway. 🙂