La Voix first litter

SE*La Voix first litter, born May 23, 2010

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Day #11, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks

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[Edited, August 2010: all the kittens have moved to their new homes, except for Albert, the white Siamese, that we decided to keep.

We found the best homes and humans for our kittens, or, actually – they found us. However it was, I know for certain that all of our little sweethearts are and will continue to be very loved and spoiled at their new owners.]

In this litter, seven healthy kittens were born. The parents are:

S*Me-Na-Yak Call Me Josephine Brown, F, SIA c

IC S*Edo Créma de Luxe, M, SIA w67

The kittens’ pedigree is on Pawpeds. 0% inbreeding calculated within 5 generations.

Their weight in grams:

At birth, May 23, 3AM: 86, 94, 94, 96, 98, 98, 102

May 23, evening: 94, 94, 102, 106, 108, 110, 110

May 24: 106, 108, 108, 108, 116, 116, 116

May 25: 116, 122, 130, 132, 132, 136, 136

June 06 (two weeks old):   248, 250, 252, 256, 258, 286, 288

June 13 (three weeks old): 308, 308, 308, 326, 336, 356, 358

June 20 (four weeks old): 390, 400, 406, 416, 428, 458, 466

June 27 (five weeks old): 490, 515, 515, 590, 590, 590, 630

July 04 (six weeks old): 588, 640, 680, 724, 734, 736, 742

July 11 (seven weeks old): 750, 786, 840, 860, 860, 862, 890

July 18 (eight weeks old): 896, 916, 940, 984, 1010, 1014, 1040

2 comments on “La Voix first litter

  1. What a beautiful blog with even more beautiful cats and kittens!! I found your site just the other day when looking up Siamese kittens on the web. I wanted to know around about how old our one is – we found her just a week ago in the wild near a river beach not far from our house. I think she is a Seal point. She is very healthy and already was toilet trained and used her litter tray at once ! We took her to the vet who says she is around 12 weeks .. but judging by the size of your little kitten I think she is more around 8 weeks! She eats well – but is very ‘sucky’! I know most kittens suck a bit .. but she loves to suck my arm when dozing off tired, or just when she finds me in the mornings … as a sort of ‘hello’ !!

    Anyway … thank you for your beautiful blog and wonderful photos. Love to all your little family!

    Susan Miller

    • Thank you for visiting our blog and for your kind words! Our kittens were a bit of a bigger size for Siamese (they have English ‘old type’ lines in their pedigree, American Siamese are in general more slender in type). 8 weeks is so early to be separated from the cat mom, and your kitten needs a lot of extra attention and a bit of ‘disciplining’ that cat moms are so good with, especially between 8-12 weeks of age (for example, they ‘teach’ their little ones that hard biting and rough play is not allowed).

      No one of our kittens was sucking exactly like that, except for Alfred who liked to suck on hair and chew on cables. 🙂 The cable problem we solved by giving him a nice cardboard box (made of softer, thicker cardboard, like the moving boxes are made of) he chewed on, played with and dragged around.

      He still likes to ‘fix hair’ at times, and he does that with the little girl in the family he moved to now. It is his way of grooming her and showing his love. 🙂 Leroy did that more when he was small, but now he does it very seldom, like once every month or so, when he is in a special ‘I am behaving like a baby again’ mood. Some cats are like that. I did not see it develop so it became a behavioral problem for our cats. Still, if the sucking gets too intense even when your kitten is a bit older, try to limit it so it does not become a bad habit for life.

      Good luck with your new kitten! Wishing your family and her all the best. 🙂

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