5 weeks

La Voix first litter, 7 Siamese kittens, 5 weeks old, (click on a picture to see the large size).

#1 SIA a, M (blue point, male. Big and so cute! His main interest is – eating! Although, since he turned 5 weeks, he started focusing mostly on destroying mice toys. )

#2 SIAc, M (lilac point, male. His mom’s little copy!)

#3 SIAw67, M (foreign white, male. The White Prince!)

#4 SIA a, F (blue point, female. She has a look that makes one melt.)

#5 SIAn, M (seal point, male. Very social, loves humans. Jocke’s favorite.)

#6 SIAc M (lilac point, male. This kitten had more pigment than his two other lilac point brothers from the start, but now it looks like he is going to be a lilac point boy as well, not a chocolate. He is so big and cute! Very active. His blue brother, picture #1, and he have very similar build and looks).

#7 SIAc, M (lilac point, male. Another Jossan’s mini-me!)

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