8 weeks

La Voix first litter, 7 Siamese kittens, 8 weeks old (click on a picture to enlarge).

(We did not enhance their eye color on the pictures, they all have intense, piercing blue eyes, some looking more lilac, some more Parisian blue, but all simply stunning.)

#1 SE*La Voix Alessandro SIA a, M RESERVED

Blue point, male. Named after Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist

#2 SE*La Voix Archimedes SIAc, M RESERVED

Lilac point, male. Named after Archimedes of Syracuse, a Greek mathematician, physicist and astronomer

#3 SE*La Voix Albert SIAw67, M, we are probably going to keep him

Named after Albert Einstein, a theoretical physicist, philosopher and author

#4 SE*La Voix Ada SIA a, F RESERVED

Blue point, female. Named after Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, a writer and the world’s first computer programmer

#5 SE*La Voix Augustin-Louis SIAn, M RESERVED

Seal point, male. Named after a French mathematician Augustin-Louis Cauchy

#6 SE*La Voix Alfred SIAc M RESERVED

Lilac point, male. Named after Alfred Bernhard Nobel, a Swedish chemist, engineer and innovator

#7 SE*La Voix Antoine SIAc, M RESERVED

Lilac point, male. Named after Antoine Lavoisier,  a French chemist.

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