10 weeks

La Voix second litter, 4 Siamese kittens, ten weeks old (click on a picture to see the large size)

It turns out that we are incapable of organizing four kittens.

Last year we had our A-litter; seven kittens – six boys and one girl, and we managed somehow to put them to stand nicely for a few seconds when they were ten weeks old. B-litter; one boy and three girls. A total disaster of a photo session. But we love them. They really are very pretty and polite and nice, believe us. Our four gremlins.

"The toy!" Belle and Blanche are looking up.

"My toy!". Belle is attacking the toy ignoring Bea's and Balthazar's existence. Those claws we cut every week and they just get sharper and bigger and stronger in no time. Scary.

It's mine!


Enough already!

Gremlin? Who? Me?!

I'm just being pretty, nibbling on the toy.


A tired mom, Jossan, and Bea, back to being 'normal'.

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