Day #13

La Voix second litter, 4 Siamese kittens, 13 days old (click on a picture to see the large size):

Blue point girl

262 gr. This girl reminds me of Ada from A-litter. The smallest one was born last and Jossan was so tired. But she was the first to open her eyes and to start crawling around a bit. She and the white boy are the loudest in the litter.

White boy

282gr, Sweet Mr Attitude, has a lot of opinions and integrity of a grown male lion. White Alfred. 🙂 Surprisingly calm on the picture. It happens.

Seal point girl

278gr. The fluffiest kitten with a beautiful head shape. Uses several different ‘words’ already. I think that she is a seal point, but we are not 100% sure yet.

White girl

264gr, seems to be mild in temper and very sweet. We think she is a girl, but we are not certain yet. The only one with a tiny voice (Jossan and Leroy have strong voices. The dad of the litter has higher pitched and tinier voice). Edit: I stand corrected about her voice. She CAN yell, when she wants to. 🙂

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