Day #20

La Voix second litter, 4 Siamese kittens, 20 days old (click on a picture to see the large size):

The kittens are starting to be playful and more and more curious about the life outside of the kitten house. They come and look at us and try (and succeed) to get out of their house when we are in the room. They are starting to show more and more of their personalities.

Blue point girl

346 gr Mau! Let me show you some cattitude! The blue girl is very sweet, actually, in spite of her tough image. 🙂

White boy

368 gr. Big boy! He looks like a lion. And, look, he’s got teeth!

Dark (seal or chocolate) point girl

356gr. I am not sure if this girl is a chocolate or seal point, she is very white in her body. It was very hard to determine what Augustine from the A-litter was color-wise. It turned out he was seal point indeed, as we registered him. Jossan’s kittens with points have excellent contrasts.

What I love the most about the dark girl is her voice, she developed different sounds already and is not just loud, she talks softly, curiously, friendly… she is very vocal. Also, she has a very pretty profile. All of the kittens seem to have very long noses, bodies and tails.

White girl

358 gr, this girl looks very mild, but she is curious and quite an explorer. Here she goes somewhere…

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