A few more pictures from day #23

They are just moving all the time! 🙂 Albert was assisting us during the yesterday’s photo session and got caught on camera.

The white boy: "Maumaumau"

Albert and the seal point girl, thinking...

The blue point girl: "Let me go!"

The white girl, thinking...

The seal point girl, again. That will be one long Siamese nose! It will grow and straighten as the kitten grows bigger.

The white boy, still has things to say: "Maumaumaumaumauuuuuuuu"

Day 23

The kittens are very cute, but it is so hard to take pictures of them since they are moving all the time! In a week or so it will be easier, then they can be distracted and focus on one thing, now everything is interesting and new!

I like one picture that Jocke took today, which turned out a bit artistic; it was overexposed, but you can see those pretty baby blue eyes on the little white girl.

Almost 3 weeks old

Tomorrow, May 23 the kittens from the A-litter turn one year, and their little siblings turn 3 weeks! 🙂

The kittens moved to the nice big kitten house we bought from Germany, and Leroy and Albert love to sit with them. They sometimes sleep next to them, sometimes they lick them clean! The big cats are very enthusiastic about the hygiene. 🙂

The small ones started to be playful and are attacking and biting the big ones, but Leroy and Albert are very patient with them. They do not even try to discipline them yet, they seem to be aware of that the kittens are too small.

(It is never this bright in the tipi like it is on the picture. There are curtains in the room that shade the kitten house, but I moved them so I could take the photos without the flash).

"Stop licking me, grandpa!"

All of Jossan’s all-white children, one big and two small ones:

The individual pictures of the kittens, taken today are here: 20 days old.