Kittens 5 months – update

The kittens from the B-litter have been living at their new homes for more than month and a half now. All of them are doing fine, and are very much loved by their other family members. Belle was a bit sick (she had a cough), but she got antibiotics and got well fast. Balthazar is called Phil now. Doyle and Phil, that sounds nice together.

I will post a few pictures that we got from the kittens’ new owners. Thank you for being so kind and for updating us about the kittens!

Blanche wants to go out. But, she is small, so for now all that she can do is can look at other cats in their little yard. But, is she happy with that?

Out! I want to go mewaoouuut!

She is so cute with her double teeth. 🙂

Belle is loved by her mom and also, by her Siamese friend Cayman. She loves Cayman too, so much that she is nursing on him. Poor Cayman is nice and lets her do it. He lost a bit of fur on his tummy, though. She will stop in a while on her own, kittens sometimes do that after they moved from their mom, it makes them feel secure.

Cute as always!

Belle and Cayman

Doyle is taking well care of Phil, whose ears are (I guess) always super clean!

Cleaned! The ears must be cleaned!

Sleepy guys

"I love you, you velvety tiger!"

And what does Bea say? Miriam cleans her as thoroughly as Doyle cleans Phil. She is very fond of climbing high up on shelves and wardrobes and tossing down the things that are fun to play with. She did not break anything so far. And we hope she doesn’t! 🙂

"Even I get tired sometimes!"

B-litter has moved out

All the kittens have moved out; Blanche three weeks ago, then Bea two weeks ago, Belle 10 and Balthazar 9 days ago. We miss them a lot, but how happy we are to receive updates and pictures about our small darlings. It is going well for all of them.

What happened with Balthazar?

We were worried about Balthazar, but now we feel that he got the home he was meant to live in from the start. His humans love him so much, and he got a 2 year old Bengal cat, handsome Doyle, as a friend! Those guys are both so pretty and I got tears in my eyes when I saw the videos and pictures I got from their ‘mom’:

Safe distance, after a few days of 'hide-and-seek' (all the pictures and the video in this post are taken by Mikaela, the kitties 'mom')

This is what I found online about Bengal cats:

Bengals are highly intelligent. They like to have close contact with people and are very entertaining, because they love to play and will find something to occupy themselves. They bond strongly to their owners, either individuals or whole families, in an almost dog-like fashion. Many learn to walk on a leash, to fetch, and to ride in cars. Bengals love water. They like to play in it or with it and many join their owners in the shower or bath tub. They are not lap cats. Though a favorite person is allowed to hold his or her Bengal for a while, the Bengal prefers to sit on or near “his” person at his own discretion.

We met Doyle before Balthazar moved and he was so nice; very curious and friendly and vocal, which I liked, but he did not like to be lifted. When I tried to lift him the first time he was a bit surprised, but only said one little : “Ugh”. The next time I tried to do that (to feel his weight) his meow was more complaining, so I put him down and just petted him. He is a very nice cat, and I love animals, so it was an amazing experience for me to get social with a Bengal cat. 🙂 He seemed pretty intelligent and his non-verbal communication was quite developed. It is race- and individual-specific, but you also can see when people worked with their animals; their psyche, comprehension and communication skills are more refined at animals that got a lot of time and care.

"Talk to the paw!"

"YOU talk to the paw!"

Doyle was (of course) scared and cautious and loud when Balthazar moved in, and so was Balthazar; Doyle was the biggest cat he’d ever seen! It took them a week after one hissing_hiding_and_being_scared_but_oh_so_curious start until they became best friends.

Little wonderful white Balthazar, he got his perfect home for good. Many thanks to his humans for all the love for the little one and the good home they gave them (and all the pictures! :))

Doyle and Balthazar sleeping together in their cat tree.

Balthazar is back

Balthazar is back and he has been here for two days now. It turned out that the girl who bought him is allergic to cats.

We drove to her and got Balthazar home Thursday night. (We wanted to spare him from the stress of travelling by bus, so we had to drive there in the middle of the night after we got a late call. We were back at home around 2AM).

Balthazar was out of here for two days only and he is so young so I think he will forget fast that he moved. He was so happy when he got back home to his mom and sisters.


This was so unexpected and saddening. We’ve never experienced anything similar, and we hope that it will never happen again.

We wish only permanent loving homes for our kittens. We are very careful with who gets to buy our kittens. But sometimes unpredictable things happen. Luckily this move lasted for a short time, and we hope that Balthazar will forget it fast.

I think he has almost forgotten it. 🙂


Albert is neutered. The kittens turned 13 weeks and started moving out.

So much has happened lately.

Albert is neutered.

He will be fertile for a few more weeks, but his spaying is an irreversible process. It was not an easy decision to neuter Albert. He did not spray, and he was such a dream to have as a stud, but he got interested in Jossan and having him fertile would mean that we would have to keep him and Jossan separated during the time we are not at home. That is not an option. Physically it is possible, our house is big, but we do not want our cats to live lives like that. Pets come before breeding.

And he did get two litters of gorgeous kittens; four kittens in Oslo and five in Åkersberga, close to Stockholm.
So, he is neutered; our happy cuddly white cat.

B-litter turned 13 weeks

And they learned how to fly:

I can fly!

Belle and Blanche playing nicely

Blanche barks at the toy, and Bea aims to kill it, silently.

Belle, Blanche, Balthazar

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