Halloween where we live

Today Jossan is a bit better. She does not want to eat that much though, so I feed her, and then she starts eating herself. Her temperature is 38°, which is good for a cat, no fever, no too low temperature. Her cut looks good. A lot of bruising, but no infection or blood or foul smell.

I have washed her body sock and am watching Jossan now, taking care that she does not lick her stitches while the body sock dries.

I draw a comic while lying on the floor, next to her, waiting. She is purring. ❤ I draw comics about us and our cats sometimes.

Everybody loves "Dreamies"!

Everybody loves “Dreamies”!

Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This year’s card is inspired with our White Squirrel’s activities. 🙂 I drew it on paper, scanned it, processed it a bit and added the text in Gimp.

Many warm hugs from us and the cats! 🙂