Summer on the balcony


Claire: “Mini pelargoniums! Let’s go for the red one, it looks juicy.”

"No, that is so main stream. I say we go for this one."

Albert: “No, red pelargoniums are so mainstream. I say we go for this one.”

Yes, our Albert is a cat with a discerning palate. Let’s have a close up of what he is trying to eat:

Albert is a gourmet

Albert is a gourmet

A cactus? Yes, a cactus!

Luckily, no cat or plant was hurt during this photo session!

Did Albert learn something today? I hope he did! He did not bleed or seemed hurt, but he looked very surprised after gently trying to taste the little cactus.

Imre and his friends

At the end of March we went for a visit to the cat family where Claire’s brother Casper, now called Imre lives. He lives with one Cornish Rex and two Burmese cats. I never petted a Burmese before, and they are so nice to touch, velvety and have very special fur! They look small and like they do not weigh much, but they are very compact so to say and weigh as a sack of stones! As I read somewhere, “bricks wrapped in silk” describes them really well.

Here are a few pictures of the gorgeous Imre and his friends. He became such a handsome boy! Of all the siblings, he is the most similar to Albert in his looks, but not so much in his ways. They are different cats. 🙂 What is similar that they are big personalities in small and also compact bodies.

This is my favorite picture, he looks here like a little robot toy in a shape of a cat.

Imre, Robocat

Imre, Robocat


Imre with funny dark hair at his forehead.

Those darker markings are not uncommon at all white cats when they are still kittens and disappear later. Claire has some in her tail, and Albert also had them at forehead when he was young. Young cats are not penalized for those at exhibitions.


Imre, peeking. The markings, the tongue! 🙂


Imre, a look of a genuine deep thinker.


Octavia, a graceful lady


Daphne, the cutest bottom ever!




Matteo, Cornish Rex. It is Imre’s fault that Matteo now has some extra weight. Kitten food! Ask Leroy, he knows everything about that.

We are very happy we got a chance to see Imre again and meet his friends. They are all very lovely and we spent (free willingly) the most of our visit on the floor, playing with the cats. Thank you so much, Désirée!

Sleeping sacks

I wanted sleeping sacks for our cats since I saw the pink one on the pictures that Casper’s new Mom sent me. Casper is called Imre now and he lives with two Burmese ladies, Daphne and Octavia and one Cornish Rex boy, Matteo. 🙂

Matteo, Daphne and Imre (ex Casper) curled up in their sleeping sack. Pictures by their Mom Désirée

Looong legs!

Yesterday they finally arrived, our own sleeping sacks from Germany, , our favorite place for buying cat furniture! At first the cats were skeptical and more interested in a cardboard package than the sacks themselves. But today when I woke up, I found them in the blue room, sleeping like this:

Jossan and Miii

The Siamese pile; Leroy, Albert, Miii and Jossan. Claire is in my arms, ‘helping’ me hold the phone and take pictures. Maven is sleeping upstairs, she is not too fond of cat piles.

I waited for about a month for the sacks to arrive! That was pretty long. :/ I ordered those two (the first one is on the pictures): big sleeping bag and shell shaped tipi

Miii in particular is very fond of hiding under blankets, and I guessed correctly she will be the one most pleased with the sacks. And she is! The other (mussel shaped) tipi could easily hold two cats, but she kicks out the other ones out. Bad Miii! She really likes the new beds.

In the living room

Jocke took beautiful pictures of the kittens today. Their individual portraits are here (today they are 10,5 weeks old). Here are some of the rest of the photos.

When they are sleeping, the kittens look like angels!

A white Siamese kitten, sleeping

The same story is when they are tired (that is the only way to get portrait pictures, if we are lucky):

Claire, sleepy

This is an attempt to take a portrait picture gone wrong. Charlie woke up totally and started jumping around:

Charlie: “Oh, look, a tail!”

Charlie: “I must fly!” (Look at that lovely baby tummy!)

Corto, waking up…

White siblings, trying to kill each other

Charlie, trying to kill Chloé

Chloé and Charlie, again, this time not fighting.

Albert, “the floating head”, peeking from behind the curtain, discreetly watching the small ones.

Albert is going to have surgery tomorrow at Buba’s. The bone he dislocated in April did not jump back and it is risky to have it stay that way; he risks a possibly serious injury if he runs into something with his chest. Also, he is not comfortable (even less than usual) being lifted. We hope the surgery goes well.

Group pictures

Finally we managed to take pictures of all the kittens together! Well – one picture, since on two of them, Claire is missing – she jumped down from the cat tree. (BTW, the perspective is a bit deceiving; the kittens are pretty much the same size.)

All six kittens! From left to right: Chloé, Claire (back), Charlie, Corto, Calvin and Casper (back)

WIth Jossan! (Claire is missing) From left to right: Corto (back), Chloé, Charlie (back), Calvin, Jossan, Casper

They are looking at me! In shock! Look at those wide open big eyes! (I was waving with toys like crazy in order to keep their attention for a short while while Jocke was taking the photos…) From left to right: ChloĂ©, Corto, Charlie, Casper, Calvin

White in focus. Six weeks pictures.

The light was not good to take individual pictures of the kittens today (and for many days actually), but yesterday Jocke took a few pictures of the kittens (and Albert is in the background on two of them).

Resting on their favorite blanket. 6 weeks old.

The kittens are almost done with potty training. The success rate of hitting the box with paper or wooden pellets is about 80-90%. They are still pretty small and quite clean, but sometimes they make mistakes.

Their mom hated the sand and we had to remove it and replace it with pellets. The edges were sharp for the little paws, I think, but that was the best non-clumping sand we found.

It is important not to put clumping sand or pellets in kitten’s sand box. When they are small they may ingest it (they try to eat whatever) and if the particles they ingested are clumping, they can get serious health problems and even die. Be careful! (This is important only for very small kittens, no kitten older than 8-10 weeks will try to eat sand. They do not move from they mom anyway until they are 12-14 weeks old,).

Two cute siblings and their big brother; evil looking Albert in the background (Albert had eyes like a sad puppy when he was small. The eyes in some Siamese change their shape and become more almond shaped with time).

Resting in the cat house.

3+ weeks

Hello world, here we come! C litter, three weeks old.

The kittens learned how to get out of and back into the kitten house this week, and the house was put into the kitten play pen in order to calm Jossan down. That will be enough for one, maybe two more weeks, until they learn how to climb out of the play pen as well, and then we will have to remove it.

It is hard to get all of the kittens in one frame. On the picture above the little white girl is missing, she was sleeping in the tipi.

Foreign White girl, 3 weeks old, sleepy

Blue (or seal) point girl and one of the Foreign White brothers, exploring

It got scared! Look at that tail!

Blue (or seal) point girl, 3 weeks old

Two Foreign White brothers, 3 weeks old

Lilac point boy, looks like Leroy when he was small :*

Arista and Aslan, 8 months

I get pictures of Albert’s kittens from Norway regularly from their breeder, Janne. All the kittens (of course) got their good looks from both of their parents, but Arista is princess-like and girly like her mom, while Aslan who is called Gabriel at his new home in the north of Norway is very similar to Albert in his looks! He was Albert’s mini-me since he was a kitten. I also see on the photos that Arista holds her head and has poses like her mom, while Aslan really looks and moves like Albert.

Here are two pictures of Albert’s kittens Arista and Aslan (Albert is father to two more kittens in Norway – two lilac point girls. He also fathered five kittens in Sweden. All of them have good homes and are healthy and happy). Many more pictures can be found here, on Janne’s blog. Aslan’s picture is taken by his ‘mom’ and Janne took picture of Arista.

Aslan, 8 months

Arista, 8 months

Albert, 20 months

Don’t you think that Albert’s kittens look like him? I think he cannot deny them! 🙂

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

…who’s the fairest of them all?

Albert is so sweet and nice in temper, but I know he has a dark mind. How do I know? Just look at him! When he thinks that no one is watching, there he is, thinking about the next ritual murder of the pink pig!

"Give me all I demand, or the pig gets it!"

(picture taken by Daniel Brolund).


Jossan’s kittens father, Goofy (S*Edo CrĂ©ma de Luxe) took his Grand International Champion title earlier this autumn! Congratulations! 🙂
This week we’ve received a CD with his pictures from his ‘mom’ Sofie (she has a cat blog here). Thank you Sofie! 🙂

We thought that handsome Goofy deserved one small presentation here. Albert’s dad is 3 years old.

B-litter has moved out

All the kittens have moved out; Blanche three weeks ago, then Bea two weeks ago, Belle 10 and Balthazar 9 days ago. We miss them a lot, but how happy we are to receive updates and pictures about our small darlings. It is going well for all of them.

What happened with Balthazar?

We were worried about Balthazar, but now we feel that he got the home he was meant to live in from the start. His humans love him so much, and he got a 2 year old Bengal cat, handsome Doyle, as a friend! Those guys are both so pretty and I got tears in my eyes when I saw the videos and pictures I got from their ‘mom’:

Safe distance, after a few days of 'hide-and-seek' (all the pictures and the video in this post are taken by Mikaela, the kitties 'mom')

This is what I found online about Bengal cats:

Bengals are highly intelligent. They like to have close contact with people and are very entertaining, because they love to play and will find something to occupy themselves. They bond strongly to their owners, either individuals or whole families, in an almost dog-like fashion. Many learn to walk on a leash, to fetch, and to ride in cars. Bengals love water. They like to play in it or with it and many join their owners in the shower or bath tub. They are not lap cats. Though a favorite person is allowed to hold his or her Bengal for a while, the Bengal prefers to sit on or near “his” person at his own discretion.

We met Doyle before Balthazar moved and he was so nice; very curious and friendly and vocal, which I liked, but he did not like to be lifted. When I tried to lift him the first time he was a bit surprised, but only said one little : “Ugh”. The next time I tried to do that (to feel his weight) his meow was more complaining, so I put him down and just petted him. He is a very nice cat, and I love animals, so it was an amazing experience for me to get social with a Bengal cat. 🙂 He seemed pretty intelligent and his non-verbal communication was quite developed. It is race- and individual-specific, but you also can see when people worked with their animals; their psyche, comprehension and communication skills are more refined at animals that got a lot of time and care.

"Talk to the paw!"

"YOU talk to the paw!"

Doyle was (of course) scared and cautious and loud when Balthazar moved in, and so was Balthazar; Doyle was the biggest cat he’d ever seen! It took them a week after one hissing_hiding_and_being_scared_but_oh_so_curious start until they became best friends.

Little wonderful white Balthazar, he got his perfect home for good. Many thanks to his humans for all the love for the little one and the good home they gave them (and all the pictures! :))

Doyle and Balthazar sleeping together in their cat tree.

Blanche in her new home

Blanche moved into her new home nine days ago. That is an interesting home; two humans and three Siames cats, two of which are as white as Blanche! Yes, two Foreign Whites. 🙂

White Siamese (or – Foreign Whites) are not common. There are very few in Sweden and Norway. The first ones I saw in Sweden were Snow Queen and Snow Princess, the cats from a small cattery called Love me tender. I was in love, but it took a few years until we got our first white Siamese, this time from our own breeding. That is Albert. We kept him fertile for some time and two ladies were interested in mating their Siamese cats with him. Thanks to that now there is five more white Siamese in Sweden and Norway, and two of them will stay at their breeder’s homes.

Also, there are two more whites we got – Balthazar and Blanche. Blanche, Jossan’s white daughter moved to Love Me Tender cattery!

Blanche was tough while we were there, for a few hours. But then we left and she realized that she is small, the other cats are big. They smell and sound differently and everything is new and scary! The humans were nice and she was petted, kissed, fed and played with, and the big cats left her alone, so it was not all bad after all. She is sleeping in her humans’ bed every night, under the blanket.

A day after she moved to her new home, she was already playing around in the apartment, but was also afraid and careful at times. During the following few days she was playing tough with the big cats, roared at them (she is tiny and they are big :)) and even followed them and ‘attacked’ them as a little terrorist!

With time she got tired of all that and being the baby she is, she needed some more love and attention from the big cats, not only humans. The big cats were curious, but certain rituals had to be fulfilled. Cats have their rules and protocols and they stick to them!

Yesterday: Blanche sitting next to Sessan. Sessan is ignoring her.

This evening we got a picture from her ‘mom’. Sessan, one of the big cats came and lied next to the little Blanche and licked her! 🙂 Then Coco licked her also. What a happiness for little Blanche! She is a part of her new cat family!

Today, finally: "You are small and yucky, but I'll lick you. But, only because I feel like it".

Blanche’s new mom blogs about her cats here, it is in Swedish.

We miss Blanche, but we are happy that she is so loved in her new home and that it is going so well for her! Many thanks for the pictures and regular updates to Blanches new mom, Dragana. 🙂

Balthazar is back

Balthazar is back and he has been here for two days now. It turned out that the girl who bought him is allergic to cats.

We drove to her and got Balthazar home Thursday night. (We wanted to spare him from the stress of travelling by bus, so we had to drive there in the middle of the night after we got a late call. We were back at home around 2AM).

Balthazar was out of here for two days only and he is so young so I think he will forget fast that he moved. He was so happy when he got back home to his mom and sisters.


This was so unexpected and saddening. We’ve never experienced anything similar, and we hope that it will never happen again.

We wish only permanent loving homes for our kittens. We are very careful with who gets to buy our kittens. But sometimes unpredictable things happen. Luckily this move lasted for a short time, and we hope that Balthazar will forget it fast.

I think he has almost forgotten it. 🙂


11 weeks (part 1)

The kittens turned 11 weeks today! They are so big now. Next week they are getting their second vaccine and in two-four weeks they will be moving to their new homes. The feelings are mixed. They are all moving to very good homes and we are looking forward to see how it goes for them in the future.

This is how the beginning of our evening with the kittens looked like (it is Stockholm, and summer, it is still not completely dark yet).

In the living room, Leroy was sleeping on one of his sheep

While in another room, the kittens were slowly waking up from their afternoon nap (Bea, Blanche and Jossan is behind them)

Balthazar and Belle, on another highest part of the cat tree

"You were saying?"

B-litter; a photo session that went wrong

We tried to take some photos of the kittens today. They turned 10 weeks and all of them weigh over 1kg!

Here is a number of photos we took today.

And this is how it looked most of the time (one of their favorite toys is on the picture, it is made to look like a real dragon fly and we cannot leave them alone with it because of the plastic parts. They are crazy about it. The big cats adore it, too):

It's mine!

Albert fetches a toy

Jocke filmed Albert this morning.

Albert is still playing like when he was small. He is nervous occasionally, because he is fertile, but he has a wonderful temper that didn’t vanish in spite of his raging hormones. We will probably neuter Albert soon, and then he will stop thinking about ladies and only play and be content.

B-litter 5 weeks

Here are some individual pictures taken two days ago.

The kittens are having long running sessions few times a day. It is funny to watch them running like crazy, while the big cats sit still and just observe the small spinning balls of fur. Sometimes the kittens run into things since they cannot stop!

Blue point girl, 5 weeks. "I am dangerous!"

"I am confused. And cute."

White boy, 5 weeks

"Look, I'm a lion. Mini or not, A LION! Respect my authorita!"

Seal point girl, 5 weeks

"I am pretty. And sweet. And first with everything."

White girl, 5 weeks

"Not in the mood for posing today! I always look gorgeous anyway."

Playful kittens, day #26

We took some pictures of the kittens today. Now they meow back when we call them and run towards us. They are wrestling and jumping around a lot. They are quite clumsy, but simply adorable!

A little boy and his blue sister are wrestling:

Talk to the paw!

What is on the other side?


Should I go out of the house or go back and nurse some more? Decisions, decisions...