Bea jumping high

We got one series of pictures from Agneta, Bea’s ‘mom’.

Agneta woke up early one morning. She heard noise that at first she thought came from the walls.

Was it mice, she wondered. No, it was Bea, standing very high, doing stuff! Agneta grabbed the mobile that was standing next to her bed and took pictures of the little explorer. After the last picture was taken, Bea fell down in her human’s bed. 🙂 I thought to share the pictures here. Thank you so much for the photo, Agneta! 🙂

Bea, boldly jumping where no kitten has jumped before

Blanche in her new home

Blanche moved into her new home nine days ago. That is an interesting home; two humans and three Siames cats, two of which are as white as Blanche! Yes, two Foreign Whites. 🙂

White Siamese (or – Foreign Whites) are not common. There are very few in Sweden and Norway. The first ones I saw in Sweden were Snow Queen and Snow Princess, the cats from a small cattery called Love me tender. I was in love, but it took a few years until we got our first white Siamese, this time from our own breeding. That is Albert. We kept him fertile for some time and two ladies were interested in mating their Siamese cats with him. Thanks to that now there is five more white Siamese in Sweden and Norway, and two of them will stay at their breeder’s homes.

Also, there are two more whites we got – Balthazar and Blanche. Blanche, Jossan’s white daughter moved to Love Me Tender cattery!

Blanche was tough while we were there, for a few hours. But then we left and she realized that she is small, the other cats are big. They smell and sound differently and everything is new and scary! The humans were nice and she was petted, kissed, fed and played with, and the big cats left her alone, so it was not all bad after all. She is sleeping in her humans’ bed every night, under the blanket.

A day after she moved to her new home, she was already playing around in the apartment, but was also afraid and careful at times. During the following few days she was playing tough with the big cats, roared at them (she is tiny and they are big :)) and even followed them and ‘attacked’ them as a little terrorist!

With time she got tired of all that and being the baby she is, she needed some more love and attention from the big cats, not only humans. The big cats were curious, but certain rituals had to be fulfilled. Cats have their rules and protocols and they stick to them!

Yesterday: Blanche sitting next to Sessan. Sessan is ignoring her.

This evening we got a picture from her ‘mom’. Sessan, one of the big cats came and lied next to the little Blanche and licked her! 🙂 Then Coco licked her also. What a happiness for little Blanche! She is a part of her new cat family!

Today, finally: "You are small and yucky, but I'll lick you. But, only because I feel like it".

Blanche’s new mom blogs about her cats here, it is in Swedish.

We miss Blanche, but we are happy that she is so loved in her new home and that it is going so well for her! Many thanks for the pictures and regular updates to Blanches new mom, Dragana. 🙂

Balthazar is back

Balthazar is back and he has been here for two days now. It turned out that the girl who bought him is allergic to cats.

We drove to her and got Balthazar home Thursday night. (We wanted to spare him from the stress of travelling by bus, so we had to drive there in the middle of the night after we got a late call. We were back at home around 2AM).

Balthazar was out of here for two days only and he is so young so I think he will forget fast that he moved. He was so happy when he got back home to his mom and sisters.


This was so unexpected and saddening. We’ve never experienced anything similar, and we hope that it will never happen again.

We wish only permanent loving homes for our kittens. We are very careful with who gets to buy our kittens. But sometimes unpredictable things happen. Luckily this move lasted for a short time, and we hope that Balthazar will forget it fast.

I think he has almost forgotten it. 🙂


11 weeks (part 1)

The kittens turned 11 weeks today! They are so big now. Next week they are getting their second vaccine and in two-four weeks they will be moving to their new homes. The feelings are mixed. They are all moving to very good homes and we are looking forward to see how it goes for them in the future.

This is how the beginning of our evening with the kittens looked like (it is Stockholm, and summer, it is still not completely dark yet).

In the living room, Leroy was sleeping on one of his sheep

While in another room, the kittens were slowly waking up from their afternoon nap (Bea, Blanche and Jossan is behind them)

Balthazar and Belle, on another highest part of the cat tree

"You were saying?"

B-litter; a photo session that went wrong

We tried to take some photos of the kittens today. They turned 10 weeks and all of them weigh over 1kg!

Here is a number of photos we took today.

And this is how it looked most of the time (one of their favorite toys is on the picture, it is made to look like a real dragon fly and we cannot leave them alone with it because of the plastic parts. They are crazy about it. The big cats adore it, too):

It's mine!

Day 23

The kittens are very cute, but it is so hard to take pictures of them since they are moving all the time! In a week or so it will be easier, then they can be distracted and focus on one thing, now everything is interesting and new!

I like one picture that Jocke took today, which turned out a bit artistic; it was overexposed, but you can see those pretty baby blue eyes on the little white girl.

To go where no cat has gone before… or?

It is that time of the year when a beautiful flower called amaryllis blossoms. Amaryllis is not a flower that cats should chew on, since it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression, lack of appetite and other kind of nasty symptoms.

Although cats are not all crazy to chew on the things that are poisonous for them, our Albert is still very young and likes to chew on whatever. So, we lifted amaryllis high on the book shelf where it’s supposed to live until Jelena’s mother takes it with her (Jelena’s parents are visiting and her mom, a dog person who never owned a cat, only dogs, bought an amaryllis plant).

Albert saw the flower and of course it looked yummy and the little long cat tried to reach it:

Look, there is something up there. I want it!

If I stretch just a little bit more...

Oh, no, I am falling!

Albert property laws

This is Albert’s first Christmas and he is delighted with all the ornaments! He likes to drag and carry them around, and chew on the branches.

I’ve tried real tree, plastic tree, hoping he will leave something alone, but, nope – he likes it all, nothing is safe and everything is tasty.

Every morning the poor Christmas tree is disintegrated and the ornaments lie all over the living room.

The worst was when he just discovered the beauty of everything that goes with Christmas.  Now, two weeks later, Albert is a bit less creative with his constant rearrangements of our living space, but still not uncreative enough, to put it that way…

I am helping!


How do you mean - I can't eat that?

Yes, I can!

Why are you here? That is mine!

You too! Go away! Mine!

Crowded? No! There is always enough space to fit me! And - more glitter!


The towel must die (part three)

We live with three generations of famous towel-killers.

“Mauuu mau mauuuu”, the first we hear the rebel yell from the bathroom, and then we find Albert proudly standing on the towel he wrestled down and killed for good.

Remember these two pictures (taken 2,5 and 1,5 years ago; Leroy and then Leroy and Jossan)? Well, now their little grandchild/child does the same. 🙂


Albert is a bit over 5 months old  and right now he has both milk teeth that did not fall out yet and the bright big permanent ones coming out. Look at our little shark!

His sister Ada started losing her milk teeth recently, but our little boy is in a bit of discomfort, nothing is coming out yet, everything just doubles. He started chewing on and biting his toys a bit harder and more often.

Just like us, cats develop both milk teeth, and adult teeth. A kitten’s baby teeth start to appear when it’s about three-four weeks old, and ready to chew soft foods. When the process is complete, the kitten has twenty-six tiny, sharp teeth.

Between 4-9 months of age, a kitten’s baby teeth begin to fall out, as new stronger permanent teeth push them out and replace them. Teething can be painful, and the kitten’s gums may be red and sore for a while.

A close up:

By the time it’s eight or nine months old, that young cat will be a proud owner of thirty bright, sharp adult teeth. Sometimes if the old milk teeth did not fall out yet and the kitten has sore gums it is a good idea to have the veterinary pull the milk teeth out and make the whole teething process easier.

Packing (or -‘helping paws’)

After every box we pack we have to make sure that no cat somehow jumped in and tried to hide. Cats like boxes. Albert is smaller and a bit hard to notice. Here, we documented how at one occasion Jossan helped us find him and, also, tried to pull him out of the box he managed to break into!

“I see you!” (Jossan managed to locate Albert)

“Mau mau mauuu” (“Get out!”)

“Mrauauauauuauuu” (“I am getting him out! Look, matte!”)

And then I took Albert out of the box which we closed again and put under another box that he cannot break into (or so we believe…).

Albert, 15 weeks old

Albert weighs 1870 gr today. I am very glad we kept him, he is so loving and sweet. Also, Siamese who love groups can be two and two now. Still, most of the time they spend all together. When they sleep it can be a bit different. Maven, Miii and Leroy can sleep close to each other. And Jossan and Albert somewhere else, curled together. Still, most of the time all are in bed with us, and one or both of us humans often wakes up freezing, since the blanket is gone, and the little thieves are lying all curled up in the stolen goods.

Albert is very curious, and in temper he is both active and serene. Very secure kitten. He likes to sit and watch how we work (we are moving to a house soon, and are very busy with everything that goes with it). Here is a picture of him I took two days ago:

Archimedes i Södertälje

When our sweet Archimedes moved out it was tough, we got very attached to him, taking care of him day and night during the time he was sick.

But, we are so happy that he recovered completely and went to a very good home, to the human he ‘chose’ himself. When his future matte and her boyfriend came to meet the kittens, it was Archimedes who came and sat in her lap. Alfred did the same with his human. Sometimes cats choose their human like that.

Archimedes, whose pet name is Ash, also has a cat friend, Misty, about a year old Cornish Rex. They became friends after a couple of days. Misty thought that he was a bit intense at the beginning, but all worked out fine for them quite fast. Here are two of a bunch of pictures we got from the humans owned by Misty and Ash. Thank you, humans! 🙂

Antoine in LuleĂĄ

One of the lilac point boys, our little Antoine, was the first to move. He went with his new matte Agneta and her son Josef, who came to get him, all the way to LuleĂĄ (800km from Stockholm)!

Being our most talkative kitten (the lilac ones are real talkers), he had a lot of opinions during the travel, but after Uppsala he complained only when Agneta was changing the speed.

On their way to LuleĂĄ, they spent one night at her friend’s place, where Antoine promptly discovered everything there was to be discovered. The next day he arrived to his new home where he met Frasse (Frostuddens Frans Albert), a blue point 4-year old Siamese neuter guy. After a day or two of introduction, everything worked out fine for them, and look how the things are now! (Thank you Agneta for sending us pictures of your little darlings!)

Frasse is a real friend; he caught a mouse (a real one!) as a present for Antoine and is trying to get him to follow outside, but Antoine is too young for that.

Antoine talks when he wants something and when he visits the litter box, likes to lie in his matte‘s lap and is social with visitors. At first he sits still and observes them when they arrive, then he goes forward and greets them and socialize. He even falls asleep in their arms sometimes.

Antoine’s pet name has not been decided yet, he is called mostly Tjabo or KomKom for now.

Here is a picture of Antoine taken on August 27th.

He looks a lot like Jossan when she was small, but I think he will have more space between his ears, and they will be more open in the base. But the nose, eyes, chin, the whole face and the body lengths are exactly like his mom’s.