Happy New Year!

We wish you all Happy New 2017! Much health to you and your dear ones, and peace. ❤

We celebrated Jossan’s and Miii’s ninth birthday on 27th of December, and we are grateful for Jossan’s good heath now and that our cats are with us.

Here is a card I made this year (the colours of some of the cats are not from our fur babies, but from a cats that belong to a friend of mine). 201612merryxmas1a1Also, here are two videos of our Leroy. The first one shows how clever he is when solving a puzzle level A for dogs (he can solve almost anything, that cat!)

And one video of Leroy kneading the blanket. Happy New Year and many hugs from us!


Cool cards

We are very happy and grateful for every Xmas and New Year card we get. We are equally thankful for every phone call, email, sms or a thought about us! All are equally precious to us. Not everyone has time, a habit, or a wish to send cards and greetings, but some do.

Two Christmas (paper) cards, Twinklemice (from Doug and Gemma) and Bunch of Cats (from Tanja and Ivan) we got this year were little extra cool, and you can see why:

(Dear Someone, if in this way I breech some copyright laws, please do not sue me, I am neither evil nor rich; just tell me and I will remove the picture in question).