9 weeks

We’ve spent most of our time lately with Archimedes that got a reaction to their first vaccine. He seems to be on his way up, after a lot of help from us and some extra saline injections from the veterinaries. We did not have time to take the kittens’ individual pictures, all we do is attempting to stabilize and improve his condition.

He has no more higher temperature, his weight has stabilized and he started eating a bit himself. He is still more tired than the others, which is understandable, and we still feed him extra by hand.

Here is he in the middle, this evening, with his siblings. It was too dark to take a better picture with my poor camera. We are so happy he can be with his siblings all the time now. When he was feeling the worst, he went away from them and sat in one corner (more correctly – our Time Capsule, it is so warm and nice for a sick kitten). But we would always put him in his special bed and cover him with a small blanket so he would not lose too much energy on keeping his body temperature up. Poor baby, we hope he will get well soon.

Vaccine reaction

The kittens got their first vaccine on Monday, and they felt fine after that.

But, Archimedes started sleeping more yesterday, while the others ran around, very active, as usual, and when that happened again this morning, we weighed him and saw that he went down in weight 26 g since Sunday. He had a higher temperature than the other kittens, but still not high enough to qualify as fever (38.6 C). We managed to get the time at our veterinary within 30 minutes after our second call (we were very worried) and we drove there with him.

Archimedes behaved as if he were fine there, of course, he protested and yelled at the vet when the he was measuring his temperature (we have an ear thermometer, and the vet used the bad one, that goes into the rear end).

Archimedes’ condition (being tired, decreased appetite, higher temperature) is a reaction to the vaccine, as we thought.

The vet gave Archimedes an injection of saline under the skin, and an injection of antibiotics, just in case, but he will get no oral antibiotics, not to disturb his stomach flora (he is not that sick, he does not have fever. If he had fever, he would have gotten oral antibiotics as well). We also got special canned food, a/d® Canine/Feline Critical Care, to give him a little bit every few hours, diluted in water.

Poor Archimedes. The vet said it is because he has a strong immune system, so the body is fighting and he got a stronger reaction than the others.

I am so worried in spite of what the vet said. Archimedes is sleeping next to Jocke on a pillow now, isolated from the others, so they would not wrestle him. We fed him once, he did not like the food that much, but he got it in the mouth and ate it anyway.

I hate vaccines. Necessary evil. It is not the half-dead virus, it is the additives that most cats get reactions on, like people and human vaccines. It was Nobivac Tricat he got. I hope he gets better fast. The veterinary said he should.