Weekend in Oslo

Last weekend I was in Oslo, visiting Janne that has Albert’s daughter Arista and also meeting another girl that has Albert’s son Gabriel (Aslan) who also was visiting Janne. We also went to a cat show in Oslo, arranged by Norak. That was the first time I was in Oslo, and I was there without a cat of my own, curious to meet Albert’s offspring, and see how the shows in Norway are, compared to the ones I visited in Sweden.

Both Arista and Gabriel have quite a lot of similarities to Albert, and Arissa to Jossan, in her appearance and posture. Gabriel is very friendly and sweet, he got the best of character both from his mom and Albert. Arissa is pretty and a bit of one person cat, like many Siamese girls, including my Jossan. I got her one soft sack at the exhibition and carried her around like Albert and she liked that, it was fun to see all other cats. Sweet girl.

I managed to see a bit of Oslo’s center, their magnificent Opera. Oslo is pretty, but even more expensive that expensive Stockholm. But so pretty nature, I loved the view, the buildings and the water and the green and the salty air. And people I met were kind and friendly.

Here is my video of the view from standing in front of the Opera:

The cats did great at the show; our cat family appears to have some true star quality. 🙂 Arista won BIS (Best In Show) for fertile females, category IV on Sunday, and Gabriel was nominated as a neuter boy, but lost in panel (so he came excellent second best). Both got excellent critique.

NO*Aceso Angel Face Arista, Best In Show, Oslo, June 10, 2013

NO*Aceso Angel Face Arista, Best In Show, Oslo, June 10, 2013

Arista also won BIS of all category IV in Norak, club that organized the exhibition. Janne wrote more about it here (in Norwegian). I borrowed pictures of Gabriel  and Arissa from her she took them. We were all very proud of cats, how well they took it a and how nicely they behaved.

Dagmar and Gabriel (NO*Aceso My Hero Aslan), he gets nominated from judge Anne-Gro Edstrøm

Dagmar and Gabriel (NO*Aceso My Hero Aslan), he gets nominated from judge Anne-Gro Edstrøm

I also was happy that the cats got such a kind and true cat lover for a judge the first day, Hans G. Lindberg (from Sweden). Gabriel was tired after a long trip to Oslo (he lives at the very north of Norway), and all the new impressions, and many cats at the same place, so he was crying a bit, tired and nervous, and probably more scared than anything else. You know, like Albert, but in a much lower voice. When he came up for the review, the judge took him carefully and cuddled with him, and talked to him, and hugged him until he relaxed and calmed down somewhat. He took his time, did not rush anything. I was so impressed!

That resulted in one less stressed cat, less stressed cat owner, and the next day, after such a great first experience with the judge, Gabriel went to another judge’s table like he did only that all of his life! He was not worried and not scared at all. Mr Lindberg is a truly great judge; judging cats is not only about giving the correct review of the cat (which he did), but it is more than that, giving everyone better experience and love and making cats feel secure. I was so happy that we got him as Gabriel’s first judge. Thank you, Mr Lindberg (if you ever read this).

It was fun being in Oslo and it was touching to meet Albert’s offspring, but it was great to be back home and see how much cats missed me (it was only 4 days I was away, but, still). My dramatic Albert was lyrical from the second he saw me, and Jossan told me bad things at first, and then she was very cuddly as usual. The other cats were just appropriately happy. 🙂

Arista and Aslan, 8 months

I get pictures of Albert’s kittens from Norway regularly from their breeder, Janne. All the kittens (of course) got their good looks from both of their parents, but Arista is princess-like and girly like her mom, while Aslan who is called Gabriel at his new home in the north of Norway is very similar to Albert in his looks! He was Albert’s mini-me since he was a kitten. I also see on the photos that Arista holds her head and has poses like her mom, while Aslan really looks and moves like Albert.

Here are two pictures of Albert’s kittens Arista and Aslan (Albert is father to two more kittens in Norway – two lilac point girls. He also fathered five kittens in Sweden. All of them have good homes and are healthy and happy). Many more pictures can be found here, on Janne’s blog. Aslan’s picture is taken by his ‘mom’ and Janne took picture of Arista.

Aslan, 8 months

Arista, 8 months

Albert, 20 months

Don’t you think that Albert’s kittens look like him? I think he cannot deny them! 🙂