Beatrice and Belle, 7 weeks

Two more pictures of the chocolate and the blue girl, in the cat ‘tree’ we bought them today. They are very excited about the big cat furniture. More pictures coming tomorrow, I must sleep now.

But look at our pretty girls! No one can make such a shocked face and their eyes as big as Ada (the blue girl from the first litter) could, I thought… until we got Belle. 🙂

I wonder if Beatrice is chocolate, since her eye color is more lilac/lavender deep blue. But her nose is almost black.

Buy a kitten from us!

Edited, August 2010: all the kittens have moved to their new homes, except for Albert, the white Siamese, that we decided to keep. 

We found the best homes and humans for our kittens, or, actually – they found us. However it was, I know for certain that all of our little sweethearts are and will continue to be very loved and spoiled at their new owners. 

July 2010: Our homepage is up, and the ads are out.

Here is the link to the ‘Buy a kitten from us’ page – in Swedish, and here in English! The kittens can move to their new owners in the middle of August 2010 at earliest.

Jossan and kittens, four weeks old

Our kittens are delivered:

– At least 12 weeks old, weighing at least 1 kg

– With a pedigree, registered i SVERAK (FIFe)

– Vaccinated twice

– Dewormed

– Id-marked with a chip

– Had a health checkup within a week before they move to their new owner

– Insured against hidden defects for 3 years (not to be confused with the health and life insurance, you should insure your new kitten yourself, as soon as it moves in with you!)

– Given a lot of love, care and contact during their first 3 months of life

– Fed with high quality food (we prefer raw food for our cats, of the best quality)

– We will always be available to advise you and help you with our support and knowledge. Our love and care for kittens we breed started even before they were born, and will last as long as they live.

Coming soon…

… pictures from the photo session, week 5!

The kittens turned 5 weeks today, and we weighed them and took their individual photos. Have a look at a few pictures that are very cute/funny, but did not make it to the best of (because there were so many good ones)…

the seal point boy

one of the lilac point boys

and the chocolate or lilac boy. The Beast! 🙂

(BTW, the best of is coming soon…)

Excursion to the living room

Today the kittens went for a walk in the living room, where all four big cats watched the small ones as they researched their surroundings.

“Where to go from here? What are these scary mini-plants?”

“Grandpa Leroy is here, that is good!”

“Oh, no! But, my bottom IS clean! The big cats clean it all the time!”

These two were sniffing the floor. Walnut wood, now that is weird!

The fireplace, their mom’s favorite place for mischief!

Siamese kittens, 20 days old, sleeping

The tummies are full, and the kittens are all sleeping. Notice one small nose coming out of the pile in the background. 🙂

The tipi is becoming too small for Jossan and her seven kittens. We ordered a bigger tipi two weeks ago, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Jossan does not want her children to sleep in a cat bed without a roof. Instinctive fear of predator birds, we guess, and also, it is much warmer in the tipi than it would be in a bed without a roof. Jossan refuses to move into cardboard boxes with blankets inside; she likes luxurious stuff. Spoiled!