Albert was sick

We had a tough weekend.


Albert got suddenly sick last Friday. He threw up violently six-seven times until there was only saliva left and refused to drink and eat. He screamed loudly in pain when we tried to touch him close to his tail root and on tummy and dragged his back legs while walking. He did not have fever but something was obviously wrong. We called the animal hospital that is always open and they told us to come with him immediately.

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9 weeks

We’ve spent most of our time lately with Archimedes that got a reaction to their first vaccine. He seems to be on his way up, after a lot of help from us and some extra saline injections from the veterinaries. We did not have time to take the kittens’ individual pictures, all we do is attempting to stabilize and improve his condition.

He has no more higher temperature, his weight has stabilized and he started eating a bit himself. He is still more tired than the others, which is understandable, and we still feed him extra by hand.

Here is he in the middle, this evening, with his siblings. It was too dark to take a better picture with my poor camera. We are so happy he can be with his siblingsĀ all the time now. When he was feeling the worst, he went away from them and sat in one corner (more correctly – our Time Capsule, it is so warm and nice for a sick kitten). But we would always put him in his special bed and cover him with a small blanket so he would not lose too much energy on keeping his body temperature up. Poor baby, we hope he will get well soon.

Archimedes against vaccine

It is a bit hard to type, since Archimedes is lying on my left arm and I cannot use it. He is resting on his pillow next to us right now, but he was sleeping next to his siblings in the afternoon (both he and they were very upset he was not there with them, so we put him back when they are resting. When they are running around and wrestling, we have to get him out of there, or protect him).

Here is he, to the right, sleeping next to Alfred (looking at the camera) and Ada this afternoon:

Archimedes’ body temperature goes up and down, and he is still tired, but we’ve managed to feed him regularly, so he got all the nutrients and water he needs. He weighs 30 gr more than before we went to the vet (saline certainly helped a lot). Leroy is licking him here, while Archimedes is resting on his pillow that we put on the sofa in the living room: