The True Jungle King (or Mr Sung if you prefer)

We got a few pictures of Sung (Alessandro), Albert’s blue brother from the A-litter who lives in Malmö with his humans and Skeletor. He and his furry friend spend the days in the sun on their balcony.


Skeletor and Sung, May 2013

And look how stylish he is. Who is tougher? Mr Phantom or Mr Sung? The answer is kind of obvious if you only count how many little skulls each of them wears.


Mr Phantom

plenty of skulls

Mr Sung


The True Jungle King


Jossan’s kittens turn 6 months!

Happy 6 months babies! 🙂

Albert celebrated his first six months of life by dragging extra many things from the upper to the bottom floor. He probably thought THAT is why he got petted a little bit extra today, so he kept on working on earning some more praises!

Here is one picture of Sung (Alessandro) we got from his matte today. He is a blue point Siamese and lives in Malmö.

Here is a video of the blue beauty wrestling with Skeletor. Thank you so much, Ellinor for the picture and video!

Sung weighs 4 gk now, Tjabo (Antoine) 3,8-3,9kg and Gusten 3,4kg! Big kittens! Alfred got his first snowball as a present from the little girl he lives with and talked a lot while sitting next to it in the bath tub.

Sung (Alessandro), 5 months

We got some pictures of Sung (Alessandro), the finest Siamese in Malmö (we think :)). He loves his friend Skeletor and gladly studies biology with his matte. He weighs 3,6 kg already (0,3kg more than his mom!). And he looks like Jossan with blue points, I think! Jossan produced seven mini-mes in different colors. Goofy (the kittens’ father) helped with the coloring part. Both Jossan and Goofy have English lines in their pedigrees, with more robust body types. Cuddly, big Siamese!

Look at those eyes! Look at that… hm, enthusiasm (okay, everyone gets tired now and then) for studying biology! Siamese are very helpful and supportive, and Alessandro is not an exception!

Augustin/Gusten caught his first mouse a week ago (the mouse died from a heart attack after being tortured and hunted for 10 hours). Antoine/Tjabo killed his first mouse more than month ago, he was the first of them that killed something more than a toy. Those little, cute, furry killers! 😦 Instincts, what can one do. Alfred and Ada did not kill anything yet, although they made several attempts to murder a very big plant.

Miii managed to get out of the house yesterday. It is cold and we just moved here, I do not dare let the cats go out. She yelled like crazy and ran over four of the neighboring lots! I followed and called her, but she did not want to come to me. Still, she yelled back and did not want me to leave while she explored the area. After 30 minutes I got tired and desperate and went back home. I knew what would happen – and yes, in 5 minutes there she was – back in front of the main entrance, yelling to be let in. 🙂 Miii likes to roam, but she does not like to do it alone.