Arista and Aslan, 8 months

I get pictures of Albert’s kittens from Norway regularly from their breeder, Janne. All the kittens (of course) got their good looks from both of their parents, but Arista is princess-like and girly like her mom, while Aslan who is called Gabriel at his new home in the north of Norway is very similar to Albert in his looks! He was Albert’s mini-me since he was a kitten. I also see on the photos that Arista holds her head and has poses like her mom, while Aslan really looks and moves like Albert.

Here are two pictures of Albert’s kittens Arista and Aslan (Albert is father to two more kittens in Norway – two lilac point girls. He also fathered five kittens in Sweden. All of them have good homes and are healthy and happy). Many more pictures can be found here, on Janne’s blog. Aslan’s picture is taken by his ‘mom’ and Janne took picture of Arista.

Aslan, 8 months

Arista, 8 months

Albert, 20 months

Don’t you think that Albert’s kittens look like him? I think he cannot deny them! 🙂

Please help stop the killing of wolves in Sweden

I love animals so much. My heart is breaking because of killing of wolves in Sweden that started two days ago when 12 000 hunters went out to kill supposedly 27 out of 150-200 wolves we have left in our entire country, where we can house many more of those beautiful and endangered animals.

Please sign the petition here if you think that it may help. I believe it can and I have signed it. I do not know what else I can do; I tweeted the url to the petition and put it on Facebook. I can just go out in the cold and cry, but that won’t help. I am crying inside instead.

Many more than 27 of those wonderful animals (and there is no justification even for those 27 that the Swedish government and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency allowed to be killed) are already killed, and bloodthirsty men won’t stop easily.

Edited on Jan 15, 2010: Enough signatures are collected and the petition is closed. Thank you all that support the cause!

Maven wants Jimmy Choo’s

Maven, our black smoke kitty, is a real snow cat. Her fur is thick and fluffy, yet silky, and she feels no cold even when it is -10°C.

I wanted to get her some little snow boots for cats, but she refuses to have anything that is not made by Jimmy Choo!

Well, dear Jimmy Choo or whoever is behind that brand; luckily for you, my cat does not weigh more than 4 kg and I can carry her easily when her little paws freeze.

Still, if more cats are as picky as our Maven, I would recommend that you better start making some fancy models for our little feline friends, because they are spoiled and they know what they want; they want – Jimmy Choo’s!

Nice weather

It is a nice sunny day in Sweden, third or fourth in a row, and I am amazed and happy. I forgot how summer feels. It feels good. The cats have been outside the whole day and we have been gardening for hours.


This is Leroy, who stopped for a a moment when he heard me calling him from the balcony, while he was running around like crazy. This is the only picture I took that does not look like an unidentifiable white blob in the middle of the field. 



We always get so happy when we see bumble bees on our balcony or in the garden.



This is Sweden. We who live here love sun, too, but we do not get to see it as much as we would like to.  But, when we do, it’s a blast.