Claire opens hunting season

A hunt? On what? TOYS! Except that those are not toys, but Christmas ornaments! Or, well, that depends – if you are a cat the world is your playground and all the items lying around (or arranged in a silly manner by humans) are certainly left there for your pleasure and entertainment.

I was strategically placing our beloved figurines of bearded tomtar (pl from tomte) on the highest shelves so that the cats cannot get them (oh, those lovelly beards made of wool from sheep from Ă–land, nom nom!) when Claire started running around with a little angel doll I got from Jocke’s mom!

"Look what I found! A toy!"

“Look what I found! A toy!”

She did not destroy it, she just carried it all over the house, but it was hard to get it back from her. “MINE!”. First she teased Albert who got to follow her around, but no, he did not get to touch the angel doll.

"Albert, won't you come and see what I have here?"

“Albert, won’t you come and see what I have here?”

"Look, it is so pretty!"

“Look, it is so pretty!”

"Don't touch! Only I can touch it."

“Don’t touch! Only I may touch it.”

Jocke took a few pictures and then I rescued the lovely angel doll from Claire who was NOT HAPPY! That little cat is so cute and cuddly, but very obstinate. A cat; obstinate? No! đŸ˜‰

Rescued angel doll

Rescued angel doll

Da Bird

I heard about Da Bird toy before, that it was very popular among cats, but I did not manage to find where to buy it.

Well, recently I saw it here and ordered one for our cats. And they love it! Jossan is the only one who is not impressed, but all the other cats adore it, especially Albert and Leroy. That toy might be the key to Leroy’s future weight loss. We hope…

Albert: “Where is it, where is it?”

Albert, defying gravity

“I got it!”

“It’s mine!”

Leroy, not really flying, but doing his best.

Leroy’s fur is a bit darker and shorter where it was shaved earlier this summer when he had a benign lipoma removed. The fur will be the correct color again in a few months.

Albert’s art piece

This is what waited for me when I got up this morning:

That is my pink backpack that Albert dragged and left on the floor. Also, there is a mouse that he previously ‘drowned’ in a water bowl (notice how my backpack is wet close to the mouse), and then ‘tied’ it behind the handle. It looked like a ritual killing committed by a psychopath!

Albert drowns toys in the water bowls and then leaves them in the food bowls and similar regularly, but this was a bit more advanced piece of work!

Albert fetches a toy

Jocke filmed Albert this morning.

Albert is still playing like when he was small. He is nervous occasionally, because he is fertile, but he has a wonderful temper that didn’t vanish in spite of his raging hormones. We will probably neuter Albert soon, and then he will stop thinking about ladies and only play and be content.


Swedish word ‘ull’ means ‘wool’ in English, and Ullisen could be translated to something like ‘Wooly’. Last week I bought Ullisen to our cats! Ullisen is made of wool from sheep from Ă–land (an island in Sweden) and with ecological catnip. Our cats have a hundred of toys. Some they love more, some not so much. You can never know what would be their favorite toy. They do not like the same toys. Jossan does not like toys at all.

The cats love Ullisen. No one of our cats is a wool-chewer, but it must be something in wool that tastes really good, since they love to play with it. Even Jossan plays with it sometimes (and she does not play with toys since she became fertile, 2,5 years ago, she is like, so above it…). But, Ullisen is really a Leroy’s toy. Although Albert thinks they should share. But, Leroy does not share toys. Oh, no.

P.S. I bought Ullisen on Tradera (Swedish ebay, sort of), but the lady that makes ullisar also has a site here.