Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
This year Funtes is posing for our Happy Easter photo!

At first he was like – what is that!? Oh, a hat. Ok then 🙂

2 comments on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter to you, the siamese tribe and the tiny human- I am so glad that he is carrying on the tradition of cat with an Easter hat (although I still think Jossan wore it best). Hope you are hanging in . W live in Colorado and currently have a stay at home order (which may siamese Liat is very thrilled out. Our Russian Blue Ruach I am not sure about- sometimes I think she misses her privacy). Hope you are well

    • Happy Easter! I work from home since a few weeks back and Joakim is on a parental leave until October, so we are at home. Cats and Ellinor are very happy. We have recommendations in Sweden, but no stay at home order. We still try and do not go anywhere except to the garden and walks. We have our food home delivered.
      We were actually sick with a virus a month ago and it was a long lasting cold or something like that, with dry cough. My doctor (meet him several times via a mobile app) thinks it could have been covid-19, but in Sweden you had to be very sick and in hospital in order to get tested when we got sick, so we did not get tested. Just in a self quarantine. Now we are fine. It is a tough situation for the whole world.
      Stay safe! Hugh’s from Sweden!

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