6 weeks

La Voix second litter, 4 Siamese kittens, six weeks old (click on a picture to see the large size):

All of the kittens are very cuddly and love to climb on us. They also seek eye contact. They have amazing deep blue eyes, very expressive. All of our cats look directly in our eyes, especially the Siamese; that is a very important part of their communication.
Belle, the blue point girl, she likes to climb on our shoulders and ‘talks’ sweetly from there
Balthazar, the white boy, a social and energetic guy. BOOKED
Beatrice, the seal (or chocolate) point girl, a natural born explorer (“Curtains, here I come!”).
She has excellent contrasts and I will DNA-test her to see if she is chocolate or seal point (she and her siblings are at least carriers of both chocolate and dilution in any case, since mom is a lilac point).
Blanche, the white girl, we did not manage to separate her from the toy when taking their individual photos. RESERVED
If one is interested in buying a kitten, the kitten can be reserved or booked.

If this is written under the picture of a kitten, it means : 

Reserved : If a kitten is reserved, it means that someone is interested in buying this kitten. The kitten will be placed on hold for some time, before the person who reserved the kitten and we decide whether the kitten should be booked or not. The kitten can be put out for sale again, so please let us know if you’re interested even though the cat has a reservation.

Booked : If a kitten is booked, it means that someone has paid a deposit for this kitten. Nobody else will be able to buy this kitten after a booking has been placed. The deposit will be deducted from the total amount when the kitten moves to its new home.

Sold : If a kitten is sold, it means that this kitten has moved to a new home. 

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