2 weeks

La Voix first litter, 7 Siamese kittens, 2 weeks old, (click on a picture to see the large size).

The color of the points is not clear for many yet. The kittens are all developing well and are very active and alert. Amazingly enough, Jossan has enough milk for all of them. Jossan eats raw minced beef, egg yolk, butter, lactose-free sour cream, cat milk enriched with calcium, taurine and vitamins, chicken white meet and sometimes dry food for Queens. The kittens’ weight is given in grams:

#1 SIA a, (blue point boy) M, 288g (purrs a lot, very content kitten)

#2 SIA c, M, (lilac point boy) 250g (sleepy on the picture, but very communicative and curious otherwise, likes to go outside of the tipi)

#3 SIA w67, M, 248g (the only foreign white in the litter, a boy). The loudest of them all. Looked like a girl until today, now it looks like it is a male kitten.)

#4 SIA a, F, (blue point girl) 252g (the first to crawl out of the tipi, very curious, purrs when you pet her)

#5 SIA n, M, (seal point boy) 286g (purrs a lot, loves to sleep on mom’s back)

#6 SIA b/c, M, (chocolate or lilac point boy) 256g (Mr Attitude himself, loves to talk back to you when you talk.)

#7 SIA c, M, (lilac point boy) 258g (also leaves the tipi a lot, and already likes humans. Looks and is outgoing like Leroy, the same as his brother, another lilac point kitten, #2).

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