8,5 weeks

The kittens will get their first vaccine on July 18. They have developed their little personalities more. It is always so interesting to see how they have many similarities, but at the same time, things that make them different. They all are social and playful, very lively. They love humans.

Calvin, Foreign White boy (SIA w67), 8 weeks, BOOKED

Calvin is pretty cool with everything, brave and stable. He is cuddly at times (at this age, they do not have time to stand still and cuddle, but I see his potential for a very cuddly cat in the future). He likes to play with ribbons and to crawl into our clothes if we wear something loose (several of his siblings do that).

Charlie, Foreign White boy (SIAw67), 8 weeks, AVAILABLE

Charlie is the clever one. He is like his mom; when the kittens get a new toy, he stands a bit further from it and thinks of an optimal way to push it with his paw or something, and then he goes in, and impresses everyone with his action. He makes the funniest sounds when playing, and is both playful and cuddly. His favorite toys are strings and ribbons. He likes to sit in my lap sometimes.

Corto, lilac point Siamese boy (SIA c), 8 weeks, BOOKED

Corto is most dedicated to killing the toys. He reminds us of Albert when he was small, with all the funny sounds he can generate when killing a toy. He mostly barks and sounds like various kinds of predator animals. Sometimes even like a cat. But he is also cuddly! His favorite toy… well, all toys are his favorite! He talks a lot when there is something he has an opinion on, and his energy levels are like Bea’s (Beatrice from B-litter). Jossan gave a birth to yet another Honey Badger.

Casper, Foreign White boy (SIA w67), 8 weeks, BOOKED

Casper is pretty satisfied, almost always. A happy kitten, likes all kinds of food, cuddles, plays and sometimes talks about what he thinks. Very sweet! Likes to explore and wrestle with his siblings (they all love that…).

Chloé, seal point Siamese girl (SIA n), 8 weeks, BOOKED

Chloé was the first with everything (girls usually are). She is very loving towards humans and her siblings, she licks them and purrs when she sees some of the big cats coming towards her. She is playful and a fast runner. A really perfect Siamese girl.

Claire, Foreign White girl, SIA w67, 8 weeks, STAYS

Claire. If she had a name in Latin, it would be ‘Naughtius Maximus’, according to Jocke. She is his kitten and we will keep her. She is very playful and always  thinks of new ways to run away and explore the whole house. A great climber and a sweet little monkey.

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