The tail is saved!

The veterinary checked Maven’s tail today and everything looks great, the wound has closed and the infection is gone. Antibiotics, propolis and regular care helped. No amputation!!! 🙂


Maven is a black smoke cat, meaning that the roots of the hairs are distinctly white (not grayish – the grayish would be ‘normal’, when a cat does not have silver pigment, or is not white).

Silver tabbies and blacks look quite dramatic when they move, especially when they run – the hair parts and the white undercoat shows.

That silver gene influence is all nice and pretty, but when your hair is cut and trimmed after a week of changing bandages and cleaning the wound – that does not look that attractive.

Poor Maven, that is one not so pretty tail top. But, the hair will grow back, and not even a part of the tail will be amputated!!! We are so happy.

3 comments on “The tail is saved!

  1. Hi, what was the condition of mavens tail? And could you please tell me what you used to treat him? I rescued a stray cat and she has the same problem. Unfortunately we dont have a vet here in maldives, and I cant figure out what the problem is. Please help!!

    • Maven is a girl. 🙂 This happened a few years ago and her tail has recovered completely.
      I cleaned the wound twice a day with sterile saline water, bought in the pharmacy, put some propolis solution and a new sterile bandage after that.
      I am not sure how your newly rescued cat feels, but maybe she needs a veterinary to give her antibiotics, if the problem is not only local in nature. Maven was examined by veterinary here, and got oral antibiotics as well! She got Vetrimoxine (Amoxicillin), appropriate for her weight. Maybe the ordinary doctor or a local Pharmacist can help you with that.

  2. Never in all my life have I seen another cat that looks like mine. I thought it was my cat when I saw the picture. Except mine is male. The really weird thing is that his tail had an accident as well. When I was young his tail got caught in a door so he has less than half a tail now. Nice to finally know what breed he is.

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