Twelve weeks (the next step – world domination)

Within next six days all of the kittens, except for Albert that is staying with us, are moving to their new homes.

Antoine is on his way to Luleå now (about 800km from here, traveling by car). His matte called us twice today and we know how the little one is doing.

He is our most talkative kitten, and I guess that there is a lot to talk about on such a long trip… they are spending the night at a family friend’s place and will arrive to Luleå tomorrow. Antoine is researching the car and his room (including the curtains) thoroughly and it is going quite well for him. It was very hard to separate from Antoine and there are five more kittens to leave! The feelings are mixed.

We are very proud of our little furry ‘babies’ and hope that they will live many healthy and happy years with their new families.

The next step – world domination:

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