Leroy turns five today!

Our beloved Leroy turns five today! He got extra cat candy today and also we brushed his teeth a little longer than usual (that is a present he did not want!) and we played a lot with him and the other cats. Now he is lying in my lap as I am writing this. He seems pretty pleased with the day so far.

Leroy is the reason we started breeding Siamese in the first place.  He was the coolest and the most charismatic cat we’ve ever seen. Social, never scared of anything, smart, emotional and loving. He took care of Jossan, Miii and all of Jossans kittens, he brought them up. He still takes care of the whole mini lions’ pride, checks if everyone is around and patrols the house regularly. He is our Siamese #1 in every sense.

Leroy as kitten. Adorable! (picture by Nathalie Ädel)

Leroy's second day at our home, 12 weeks old

Leroy in our old apartment, 14 weeks old

Leroy, 7 months old

Leroy, 9 months old, so stylish

Leroy admires mini Saintpaulia

This was the happiest day in Leroy’s life, when we (or – he) got Jossan:

Josephine, Leroys daughter, moves to us in March 2008. Leroy is 15 months old.

Leroy outside

Leroy, November 2011, almost 5 years old. (picture by Daniel Brolund)

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